Char Siew Tortilla Wrap & Carrot Pancake Bentos

Posted on: July 29, 2011

Today’s post will be a 2 in 1 again coz I did not have the time to post the bento I made on Wednesday. 😦

The Wednesday bento star was the char siew (BBQ pork tenderloin, Chinese style) tortilla wrap. The char siew was home made by my mummy based on inherited recipe from my grandma. I toasted the whole wheat tortilla, butter it, lay it with pieces of yummy char siew and carrot sticks. Added a half boiled egg with a little smiley face for kawaiiness. There’s slices of guava, pear and grapes. My princess ate all except for the extra carrot sticks and the guava and pear. 😦 Again, I wonder when she’ll ever eat healthier.

So for today, this mummy here hid some chopped up carrots into the birdy pancake for the bento. Made the pancake shape with the silicon shaper and it’s actually not that difficult. I just have to use slow fire and watch it closely. Birdy has got a kamaboko wing which I believe I cut the rounded edges wrongly but didn’t have time to make  another one. There’s also a little pink crown on birdy made with the cut out kamaboko but hidded under the HK continer.  The eye is made from chocolate chip. The rest are some hami melon cubes and apple slices with two little prunes. The pancake can be eaten with the honey in the HK container.


1 Response to "Char Siew Tortilla Wrap & Carrot Pancake Bentos"

I love the little ducky! How did you hide the carrots, cut them really small? I hope they get eaten, lol.

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