Those who reads my blog will realised that the consistency of my posting is not there these days due to a number of factors. Firstly, the kiddos seem to love to eat the same food as their friends in school during their snack time. So many a time, the mummies get a little disappointed when the bento box comes home untouched. So we have resorted to asking for the meal schedule from the kindy and choose the days that we feel the meals are not as nutritious and make the kiddos a bento. Today I know they will be having crackers and so here comes the bento.

Secondly,the reason for not making as many bentos is because both ย my little girl and nephew had been infected with the HFMD virus. They were away from school for the entire week and then when they went back, the school decided to close for a few more days to be safe. And lastly, all the rest is making me lazy to make bentos especially kawaii ones. Keke! So this morning I made a simple and aI believe a more nutritious bento vs crackers the kiddos:-

Princess’s Bento

Prince’s Bento

In both bentos, I made bulgogi pizza from pork slices marinated in pre-prepared bulgogi sauce then pan fried, sprinkled with clusters of seaweed, bonito flakes and japanese mayo on a whole wheat pita bread. For fruits, they had three slices of kiwi and honey fuji apples each. ๐Ÿ™‚

And…that’s not all! I made myself a bento too for lunch today as I have short break for today due to meeting scheduled. Actually it’s leftover dinner that was meant for hubs be he did not have the appetite so I packed it up nicely to be heat up for my lunch today! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here it is!

The Queen’s Bento

In my huge bento, I have assam seafood (prawns, cuttlefish, lady fingers, onions all cooked in damn yummy tasting assam curry sauce), fried mackerel on rice with a quail egg. On the other tier is the left over bulgogi pork in the little food cup and my colourful fruits! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mari Makan!ย 


Today’s post is a hint of one other “love” that I will be receiving when the sun sets tonight. See…


Yes! I am getting a new car! Nope it’s not a VW (though I would like one! keke) but I didn’t have any mould for the red hot chilli pepper car that will be arriving at my doorstep tonight. And no, I ain’t getting a driver with a green hat either! Keke! Just a really nice compact car of year 2011! ๐Ÿ˜€ I am already planning on getting a red booster seat for my girl to match the new toy and will also be pimping it this weekend with a cool body kit!

That’s all for now folks! Will take some shots of my new car later ya!!..Vrooommmmmm………

I made the pork chop over the weekend for my grandma as I was going over to visit her. Its been awhile since I saw her and she misses her great-grandchildren. So that Sunday, my uncle’s house were filled with loads of screaming child AND adults coz the adults had to chase after the little kiddos! Haha! I “stole” a few pieces to keep for my bento freezer stash and feature it in this morning’s bento.

Inside today’s bento which is also the first bento for the new semester are the honey sake pork chop on a lettuce cup, noodles and slices of hard boiled eggs. In the 2nd tier, there are grapes, apples and a tiny Yuppi Burger shape soft sweet for treat!

Verdict of today’s bento – kiddos finished the pork chop and fruits only!!! Didn’t touch the noodles or the eggs…probably they were short of time?!?!

Last Friday was the last day of of the 2nd school term for the kiddos. So this post is on a the special kind of “bento” for them which did not include a bento box, hence I don’t really know if I should still call them bento. But since its still “packed food” for them I shall post about it. I bought some really yummy cream cheese and raisin rolls from Ginza Cafe at the Tokyo Street in Pavillion. The pastries were going for 50% off as it was past 930 and near to closing time. So I grab quite a bit including a sesame baguette which I will make french toast with tomorrow!

Here are the special wrapped up bentos for the kiddos!

I made them little present. Wrote their name on a white paper freehand, put on some cute stickers so that it ain’t boring and then I gave them a little puzzle game at the back of the card. Help little busy bee find its way home to its hive! They finished their pastry and kept the little card after finishing the puzzle in their school bag! The best thing is the little happy grin they had when they saw the bentos in the morning coz its “different”! A suprise! ๐Ÿ˜€

It takes really little to make children happy and when they smile at you it takes away all the blues that you may have! Have a great school holidays for those having them and Happy Hari Raya for those celebrating! ๐Ÿ˜€



This morning bento is very very simple and I did not have any clue at all what I intend to do until I took out the “Jiang Su” biscuits from its bag. I bought these biscuits from the morning market and was quite excited in seeing them. These biscuits reminded me of the old Chinese movies where poor people will always fight for the last piece of it and its always wrapped inย  a white piece of cloth. I think its so cool to see and actually taste them in the “real life”. Haha! You may see the real picture of it here and more description of how it taste too.

So this morning I did a East meets West kiddos! I pasted crunchy and healthy Cheerios as hair on the Jiang Su biscuits with some think layer of peanut butter. Then decorated the facial features with the norm i.e. cheese and nori. The little boy’s bento has two little prunes in it and seems like the boy is listening to some music with the headphone! Haha! Am quite happy with these morning’s creation although I had a bento block earlier.

Little girl’s Cheerios Jiang Su biscuit

Little boyl’s Cheerios Jiang Su biscuit

Have a Cheerful Day everyone!

Over the weekend, I took my little girl to Aquaria, KLCC. As described in their website, Aquaria KLCC is a state-of-the-art oceanarium showcasing over 5,000 different exhibits of aquatic and land-bound creatures over a sprawling 60,000 square-foot space in the Concourse Level of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. My little girl has been there before about a year ago and at that visit, she was only clinging on to me or my hubs and hiding her face. She was terrified at seeing the sea creatures so near in a dark place. This time round it was so much better. She’s walking around seeing things and getting amazed. Especially with two good looking divers that were swimming with the fishes and sharks!!! She was astonished at first but didn’t come crying to mummy. Overall, it was a great trip with loads to see. The place seems smaller compared to the last time I were there and probably because they expanded the souvenir selling area. Haha!

So yesterday, I made my little girl a fishy bento. Simple cheese and ham sandwich with sweet potato bread. Look at the purply colour! Its beautiful isn’t it? And in the bento I added some flower cut-out sweet potatoes and some tiny choc chip soft cookies. I love how Sheri of Happy Little Bento always beautifying her bentos with purple sweet potatoes and I want some in mine too, except I couldn’t get the purple ones. It would be great to have matching sweet potatoes with the sandwich. ๐Ÿ˜€



The best thing of all in this bento is that they finished it all!! My little girl ate it all in school and I am so so happy coz she don’t usually eat sweet potatoes! Guess they had a terrible punishement last week when they didn’t finish their Burger Spesial! Haha

And here are some of the pics we took in Aquaria!

This morning I made the famous Ramly style “burger spesial”! For those who don’t know Ramly is the famous Malaysian burger brand that grew from a mere roadstall to huge factories producing that great burger for sale at frozen sections in supermarket. And “burger spesial” is when the burger patty is wrapped up in a thin layer of egg omelette, drench with generous mount of mayo and chilli sauce and served in buttered warm burger buns! Ooo…thinking bout it makes me want to eat one now!

Anyhow, since these burgers were for little kiddos I had to sort of make it “healthier”. I grilled the patties in the oven instead of pan frying them in oil and I used eggs with no antibiotic injections. Also I left out the mayo and chilli. And also instead of normal burger buns, I used wholemeal pita bread which I cut into round shapes. Hmm…I guess these changes sort of make the burger ain’t that special anymore huh? And I think that’s why the kiddos choose to eat macaroni and cheese at school today instead of my bentos. “Sob” “Sob”!!! (I know coz am writing this post after being informed by my sis that the kiddos are now being punished for not eating their bentos!”)

Here’s today’s bentos

I will probably get the school menu and see which are the days that they serve food the kiddos will like more than home cook and ensure it’s healthy. This way I can choose when to sleep in longer. ๐Ÿ˜€









Am working near one of the oldest and best bakery in town, especially for their extremely delicious flaky buttery creamy egg tart – Tong Kee! And the branch near me is their HQ that opens 6am in the morning serving hot out of the oven tarts and all other nice bakery goodies. So took a trip there after lunch yesterday and bought half a dozen of those beautiful tarts (ooppss…no pictures!) and two custard buns for bentos this morning. Made those bun into little tiger and tigress for the kiddo with cut out nori, cheese and sausages for ears. Little edamame for some colours and fibre. Here they are!

This morning I woked up earlier so out came the pan and the cooking starts at 530am. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bought some fish sandwiches fillet over the weekend and decided I wanted to make a fishy theme bento for this week. So in today’s bentos, I made some simple fish sandwiches with Gardenia’s Breakthru bread. These bread are really delicious whether eaten fresh from the pack or toasted. It’s a bit expensive though. Then with some time left I attempted the tamagoyaki once more. This time I added chopped carrots for fibre and vitamins as the kiddos can’t take fruits at this moment due to pro-long cough. Here they are!:-

That’s my little’s girl mermaid toy! Keke


This morning I decided to put in a little more effort to cook for the bento instead of just sandwiches, pau and all. Actually, it all boiled down to planning. Went to the grocer after work and bought some nice russet potatoes and at the same time I downloaded Martha Steward app on my new toy that showcased some nice tortilla. So with the little ingredients I have in the kitchen, I made the simplest tortilla. Just egg, potatoes, carrot and parmesan for the kiddos. It turned out pretty decent and I do hope they at least try to eat it. This morning bento is more about substance than look though. ๐Ÿ™‚

I added a ham blossom each with a little tomato dipping sauce. I actually had some leftover potatoes, wild mushroom and ham so I made an adult tortilla with it but again due to time factor, I didn’t not snap any picture. So till next tortilla moment! “Hasta pronto”!

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