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Hmm..just realised I had a “mouse” in my last bento post and now another “mouse-y” theme bento. 😀 My mum made us “Loh Shee Fun” a.k.a. Mousey Tail Noodle for dinner yesterday. She fried them with minced pork, eggs and lettuce leaves. There were leftover so I told her I’ll take it for my lunch today as I need to run some errands during my lunch hour. So here’s my lunch bento for today:-

I used the mini two tier tiffin carrier that she bought for me from Haadyai, Thailand. It’s a right size for lunch and it looks cute too because of its size. 😀 On one tier is the main i.e. the noodle with two mini tomatoes and on the second tier, I have star fruits, corn on cob, and some grapes. Can you see the green chilli baran? Its so cute, right?  I bought them at Daiso!!

I still have not gotten to making a Christmas theme bento and Christmas is this weekend!! Ahh…..

I actually made these on Monday but only have the time to post it up now. Over the weekend we went to “The Loaf“, a bakery founded by my ex-CEO together with our country’s ex-premier, Tun Dr. Mahathir. Besides their bakery goodies they served up some nice meals too at the little cafe in their Pavilion outlet. So while waiting for our lunch to be cooked, both my little girl and I went down two flights of stairs to the smell of heavenly pastries. And here in my bentos are two of their goodies, the french toast which I cut into a Pooh Pooh face and the basil chicken bun that I made into a little mouse.

My French Sea-side Pooh Pooh bear

Hubs Garden Mousey

I used sea animals picks and baran trying to creating a sea-side feel for Pooh Pooh. And for hubs I gave his “Mousey” a little cube of Laughing Cow cheese and put them all in a garden environment. Besides, the heroin and hero of the bentos, the sides are just some persimmon slices and grapes. Oh and I had three tiny pieces of oatmeal raisin cookies from Famous Amos!

For dinner yesterday, my MIL was suppose to make sukiyaki and I said I’ll make sushi! I did but forgot to take them over to her place when we went there for dinner and the surprising thing was, she did not make sukiyaki! Hahaha! So I had these huge California makis for my bentos this morning. I made one for myself and for her. Also it has been a long time since I made one for hubs so I made him a bento too but I think it’s the ugliest bento as I was rushing this morning. Here are the bentos:-



Hubs’s Ugly Bento

It’s actually my first attempt in making sushi and had a bit of a hiccup at the start due to the wrong seaweed used. I only had the seaweed size for hand-roll and the other one is the huge seaweed which I used it here. Hence, the gigantic makis. Haha! I think it’s not bad for a first time. Don’t you think so? Haha! In the bentos, the sides include, blueberries, tangerine, kiwi flower, cucumber and carrot sticks as well as Laughing Cow cubed cheese that I adore! 😀

I made these bentos yesterday morning but did not have the time to post them up. Anyway, made two, one for myself and another for my sis who had been asking for one for quite awhile already. I made and froze a few teriyaki chicken wings earlier, so for these bentos I had them in together with some “Mee Goreng” a.k.a. instant fried noodle as the main. I didn’t have any vegetables although it would have been great to have some spring onions if not for nutrient but for colour. 😀 On the small compartment I made a blueberries, tangerine and almond salad. And the star of these bentos are my cocked-eye tomatoes couple. Didn’t realise they were cocked-eye until I saw these pictures now. Haha!

I found these little bagels while doing some “window shopping” at the supermarket and I was so thrilled with the finding coz its just the nice cute size for my little girl. Need not cut the normal biggie bagel into two which will then limit the creativity in making bentos for her. Plus, its whole wheat! I bought a huge bag of them and since I have got a lunch appointment today its also a right size for my breakfast! Haha!

So here it is:-

The star of this morning’s breakfast is not just the cutey bagel but also my bento box! I bought this in September during my trip to London and have yet to use it until now. Isn’t it kawaii? And the best thing is that it can fit my cutey bagel in it and leave space for other yummies. If it’s the biggie bagel, it will just fill up the entire tier! The box is divided into two tier one shallower than the other. The shallow one, I filled it with edamame, tiny tangerines and some slices of luncheon meat. In the deeper tier is my cutey filled with egg, two cherry tomatoes, blueberry musical skewers and a Laughing Cow Salmon Cheese Wedge.

Oh! I have just gotten another new box too! And this time it really was a worthwhile buy as it was purchase for charity! And the great thing about it is that the box came with a bag and the best-est thing is there were cards with suggested bento meals complete with pictures!!! Isn’t that cool? This is a charity sale by Clarins and here’s the picture of my latest great buy!

This post is getting kinda long but would like show some muffins made by my little one as inspired by Shannon of What’s For Lunch at Our House . It was fun and we had all sorts of filling inside including, jackfruit, pineapples, raisins, blueberries and chocolate balls! But unfortunately its my first baking session with my girl that I totally forgot to take pictures of those but instead only have these pictures. 😉

Pardon the messiness coz she’s the chef! She got to wear a new little flower apron thing which I bought quite a while ago but never use and seems to be too small already. My maid joined in the fun too as seen in the 2nd picture. We added some Nestle Honey Stars too as decoration and surprisingly they didn’t burn. 😀

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