My Own Bento…After A Long While

Posted on: August 1, 2011

Last weekend had been an eventful and pleasantly tiring one as I spend loads of time in the kitchen. On Saturday, I baked my favourite Intense Chocolate Oreo Cake, a recipe I learned and adapted by Katie of Feeding Boys and a Firefighter. I love this recipe so much this is the 3 rd time I’m making it. The cake was made for my FIL’s be-early birthday celebration as my SIL was back over the weekend from New York. The cake was half gobbled up during the birthday dinner and the half was served for Sunday lunch for my cousin’s family that came back from Hong Kong.

On Sunday, I slave in the kitchen from 530 am till noon. I guess others that are master chefs will take only half or even less of tha time but not the clumsy me. I made a roast chicken with potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and lemon. Made spaghetti bolognaise and salad for side. And I made my cream of mushroom once more as my sis loves that soup. It’s my 2nd attempt and I would have to say the first time was the best. Haha! This round there were too much milk. Anyway, everything were once again gobbled up except for some pasta sauce remaining and a chicken drumstick.

So I packed the leftover for my lunch bento today in the biggest bento box I have as I need to fit in the drumstick..un-cut! Haha! Here it is….

For the sides, I just added some leftover brown rice and sticks of cucumber and cherry tomatoes! So very filling!!! ;D

How was everyone’s weekend?



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