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It has been an eventful past week and I only managed to steal some time to peep at some of the great valentine and non-valentine posts but had not been able to post mine up. Did not even have the time to give some thumbs up to these great post as they were merely pit stops. Haha!Β I will be starting a new chapter in my career very very soon and that explains why I had been MIA. The new place that I will be joining may possibly bring me closer to the origin of bento i.e. Japan!! Hmm.. come to think of it, it was also part of the deciding factor. Haha! Anyway, let’s see the valentine bentos I made earlier but did not have the time to post.

I seriously hate my photography skills. If only I stay with my little brother, I will make the bentos and get him to snap the pictures. Then I guess no matter how ugly my bentos are, his photography skills will beautify them. Haha! Anyway, I had great great plans for the Valentine bento. I wanted to make cupids like Lia of Bentolicious. Did some research the weekend before Valentine, printed the cupid I wanted, trace it on baking paper, started the cutting the cheese and then disaster happen. I messed up the eyes and I was getting tired so no cupid. “Booo Hoooo”. So end up my actual Valentine bentos were just two simple dragon fruit hearts on top of extremely delicious home made blueberry cheese tarts. These tarts are made my neighbour and she never fail to give me loads as I’ve oohh and ahhhh over her tarts every time. Haha! In the boxes there were also some chicken burger patties and two slices of pears.

Not wanting to seem like a failure, I tried again to do something more for Valentine though, it was already 16th Feb πŸ™‚ I made the following…Taadaa…

Better looking?!? πŸ˜€ The love swans had always been a symbol of love and they are the most common ice carving that I see at weddings. Made them with two different cheddar cheese. and had tiny sesame as their eyes. They sit on top of a chocolate raisin bread. Besides that I made cheese omelette and guess what cheese I used? Yup! I used the unsuccessful Cupid cheese to make these omelette. They were really yummy. Had to emphasize the love theme so had two carrot hearts on top of the omelette. The rest are sliced kiwis and blueberries. πŸ˜€

I read about all the Valentine love stories during my “Twit pit stops” and had to share mine! Hubs made the below meal for us but, truthfully, he handled all the meat and I made up the sides. πŸ˜€ We had a quiet dinner at home, and he made me Mojito to go with our meal too. Nothing fanciful but it was a pleasant evening.

We had rib-eye steak, lamb sausages and some back bacon to satiate our love for meat. The sides were merely simple mash potato and a new salad I learned from watching Junior Masterchef programme – Heirloom Tomato Salad. I made quite a bit of variation as I didn’t have some of the ingredient and I was also pressed for time after braving a crazy traffic coming home that evening. You can get the full recipe here.

I saw many valentine bentos being put up recently and thought..”Hey, I can’t miss the lovey fun!” So here we have today, my first Valentine bento. Actually, I think my last post could be counted as Valentine too coz there were heart shaped sweet potatoes! πŸ˜€ Anyway, this bento is only a prelude to a bigger Valentine bento that I am planning for next Monday. Pray that I can pull that through.

So here it is my little Valentine bentos for my girl and my nephew:-

Princess Eva’s

Prince Keith’s

The above bentos contain heart shaped garlic toast, home made fish cake cooked with onions, pumpkin and tomato sauce, blueberries, grapes and some slivers of pomelo. Need not make anything kawaii today coz I have got this extremely cute looking puppy shaped butter cookies from a friend and two of these puppies found their way into today’s bentos. πŸ˜€ Those ears were made from Nestle’s Koko Crunch. Cool right?

Little princess finished everything except the blueberries and little prince ate everything except the fish cake. πŸ˜€

I am extremely terrible with my photography skills. My pictures are definitely not appetizing. Sigh..Must take a lesson or two from my lil brother. Anyway, started work after a long week of break. My little girl also had that long a break and it was both a good and bad thing altogether. Good, in the sense that we managed to spend the whole week together. Bad, is that she cried for three whole hours yesterday when she went back to school. Sigh..I’ll have to go through that “convincing her that school is a great place” phase once again.

Even the above bento did not cheer her up though it had two of her favourites i.e. sausages and a chocolate treat (wrapped as a gold coin that used to be my childhood favourite chocolate treat!). The main of the bento was the radish cake I made. She ate it during dinner on Sunday but she did not touch it yesterday. The sweet potato hearts were untouched as well. The consoling fact is that she ate all her fruits. πŸ˜€

Made a similar bento for my nephew:-

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