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These days time seems so limited that I’ve not been able to post my daily bento like before so like the previous 3 in 1 post, this post will feature not one but two bentos that I’ve made for yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday’s Fish and Flower Chips Bento:

This bento consist of two fish fingers that I cut into half each, pan-fried flower potatoes, carrot flower (inspired by Sherimiya of Happy Little Bento) few edamame hidden beneath the carrots, fragrant pear and a HK container with tomato sauce. Little princess ate everything except…guess? Yup, carrots as well as edamame untouched. Sigh….

This morning’s Chinese New Year theme bento:

This bento’s main is the PBJ sandwich on a bamboo charcoal bread from Lavender bakery. This is a really yummy bread although its totally black! It is extremely soft and a little sweet. Heard that there’s some health benefit with eating bamboo charcoal too but don’t know exactly what kind of benefits. πŸ˜‰ For today’s bento I decided to have a chinese new year theme one as my little princess will be celebrating the festival at school tomorrow. I decorated the sandwich with a cheese bowl of mandarin oranges made from carrot and spearmint leaves as well as the red fireworks made from apple skin. The tiny white specks is meant to show the sparks from the burning fireworks and they are made from cheese. I think it looks cool! Haha! The rest of the bento consist of flower kiwi and apple slices.

Made two of this bento this morning as it has been decided and agreed with my SIL that we’ll both take turn to make bentos for the two little one so that we can catch up on our sleep. Haha! Cool right? Here’s my nephew’s which is the same as my little princess:-

I did not have time to post my last Friday and yesterday’s bento so this I am putting them all together in this post with today’s bento. πŸ˜€ Please bear with me.

Last Friday’s bento, featuring the “Simple Flowers”!

This bento consist of butter and apricot jam on whole meal bread. I love cutting out sandwiches with the boxes and that’s what I did with today’s sandwich. Decorated it with carrot and cheese flowers. The rest of the bento consist of apple and cantaloupe slices. Princess didn’t eat the cantaloupe again. She said she don’t like it still. Should I still try? SIgh…

The Yesterday’s (Monday)Β  Bento, featuring “The Pencils”!

Made a ham and cheese whole wheat bagel for princess. These days the bentos are mostly for her and her alone except this morning I made for hubs and myself too! πŸ˜€ The pencils are made from the leftover cut out of ham and cheese. Completed them with nori. The rest of the bento consist of persimmon cut out (she didn’t like it, didn’t touch it at all), fragrant pear (finished!) and a little box of raisin.

Today’s Bentos – The Whole “Rolled-Up” Family Bentos!



Little Princess’s Rolled-Up

All the above bentos consist of chicken mayo rolled up with sundried tomato tortilla. My little princess ain’t fond of vegetables and she’s also picky about fruits. So I tried in this recipe to include some vegetables that she normally don’t take. I cut up tomatoes and boiled edamame into tiny pieces and mixed it with the chicken and mayo. I asked my mum earlier and she said only one was consumed. 😦 Her tongue is really sensitive. Apple slices were left untouched as well. Sigh…. She definitely finished the chocolate muffin. Hubs and my bentos were almost identical except for the sides. Our sides consist of corn on cob, fragrant pear, cantaloupe and cherries.

That’s all!

Another bunny theme bento post! I made teriyaki sesame chicken wings over the weekend for my bento stash (Yup, am better managing my bento making hobby! :D) and used it for yesterday’s bentos. Made three bentos – one for my princess (Baby Minnie & Mickey Mouse box), one for my little nephew (Blue Vehicle Box) and one for my sis (HK Box).

The mains for these bentos were the goody finger licking wings and rice with vegetable furikake. The children’s rice were formed into bunnies but can’t really see it from the pictures. I also made another bunny for each bento from cheese with red-ish tint on the ears made from crab stick. The cheese bunnies are more apparent compared to the rice. Filling up the gaps in the main tier of the bentos are sweet pea pods and corn. In the 2nd tiers, they each had another bunny – the bunny apple!! Also there’s Korean pear, and cherries.



I finally made a bunny theme last Friday as I’ve seen so many these days prettily made by all the bento queens out there. For those that are not aware, the cutey bunny is this year’s zodiac animal in the Chinese calendar. My little bunny is made from a peach apricot tart with ears made from ham rolls resting on top of carrot slices. Both pastries were bought during lunch at this quaint little restaurant that advertise stone oven baked goodies. These were yummy except that I realised the ham rolls were spiced with black pepper right before sending my little princess to kindy. I had no choice but to remove bunny ears and replaced it with two tiny cocktail sausages which she didn’t mind as she loves sausages. πŸ˜€ The rest of the bento consist of star apples, cherries and grapes. She finished everything except for the carrots. 😦 I will keep trying

This morning’s bento is a flower pizza made from pita bread. I spread some tomato paste, laid down some sausages and crab stick and then cheddar cheese on it. Baked it this morning and cool it before putting it into this new HK box that my princess got from her aunt in the States. its a really really beautiful two tier box. And the next best thing is that it has two little dividers in the bottom tier that came with their individual lid!! These can be used to store more liquid content I believe.Β  Even the cover of the bottom tier has got a little HK imprinted on it. πŸ˜€

The rest of the bento consist of heart-shaped cantaloupe (that my little princess didn’t like) and apple, skewered cherries and three little grapes. She’s a real fussy eater in a way with preference for more meat and no vegetables and only selected fruits. Like I said earlier, I will continue to persevere!!

Oh before I forget, I am thankful to Maki of Just Bento for her extremely helpful weekly bento planner. I just started and it’s really saving me lots of time and allow me to plan better nutritious food for my girl. See I made mine for this week and stuck it to my fridge!

With sleepy eyes, my favourite girl asked as she woke up, “Mummy what bento did you make for Yan Yan this morning?” Things are looking so much brighter by the days. She even requested before she went to bed that I give her a piggy cheese that I made for her yesterday. I am grinning from ear to ear thinking bout her now. πŸ˜€ And to top it all, she finished her bento once again today!! Yeah!

I made some beef crouquette over the weekend following the recipe from Yum Yum Bento Box and I served some of it during dinner and kept some as my bento stash. Am learning the trick of the trade i.e. to have my own bento stash for quick access to nutritious home made food! Haha! My little girl didn’t like it then but was so glad she ate it this time in her bento. I guess cheeky chick was calling out to her. πŸ˜€ Made the chick from the beef crouquette with corn as the beak, cheese with nori as the eyes and cheese for its wings. Gave her two little cocktail sausauges too. She had the the same grapes and cherries for fiber and vitamin and I promised her a treat, chocolate bourbon biscuit. Added her favourite tomato ketchup in the little chicky tube to accompany her main.


I am in cloud 9! My favourite girl had a better day at school. She did not cry her heart out throughout the 4 hours of school like yesterday. When I went to pick her up she did not cry either when she saw me. I am extremely proud of her and I hope she’ll be as good tomorrow too. πŸ˜€

So it’s really worth it to wake up wee hour in the morning to make her bentos. This morning she woke up and I showed her the cheese piggy and she started grinning. It was a marvelous start for the day. I made her her favourite whole wheat bagel with PBJ and made her the cheesy pig with love eyes from cut out from nori. She requested for grapes yesterday, so filled a little plastic cup partition that I bought from Daiso with two coloured grapes. There’s also a tiny box of raisin and two tiny cinnamon granola bits. Today she FINISHED the bento!!! It’s a beautiful day today.. La la la!!

I finally made my first kindy bento! My daughter has started kindy for 4 days now but she has yet to settle. Sigh.. I hope she will soon coz it’s heart wrenching to see her screaming out to me saying she loves me very much hoping I will then bring her home. I hope my bentos will make her look forward to school. πŸ˜€

Made her a cheese and ham sandwich cut with the bento box so that it’ll fit nicely. There’s also little crab cut out from cheese and ham as well with tiny stars on them. The crab was inspired by her first colouring assignment that was hung up in kindy. Was so proud of her and wanted her to know that. But I just found out today that she didn’t colour it all by herself as she was fidgety on that day and the teacher sat with her throughout. But I still want to believe she did it all by herself! Haha! In the same box there’s flower kiwi, pitted cherries and a checkered apple.Β  She asked about the checkered apple and said she did not like it. Aiyo, so heart broken. She gave it to her cousin at school and she also didn’t finish all the food as she was too busy crying her heart out. *Sob*

Oh, my SIL also made her son bento. Both my nephew and daughter are in the same class and it’s their first year andΒ  as all caring mother, she wanted to provide her son with healthy food too. πŸ˜€ I congratulated her on her attempt coz it’s real pretty though she has just started. πŸ™‚ Here’s Kitt Kitt’s bento this morning.

Made this bento last year, exactly on the last day of 2010 i.e. 31 December 2010 and am now posting it in the new year, 2011! Happy New Year friends! One of my goal this year is to make as many bentos possible as my little one is starting pre-school in 3 days time. I am so so anxious and kinda terrified. I do hope she’ll be okay coping with the new environment and friends without mummy.

And this bento was made specifically for her and it was an impromptu decision to make one. I tried steaming just a bowl of rice instead of using the rice cooker. Thought I’ll save some electricity but my steaming skill was horrible. The rice was in between “rice and porridge”. Even my little one asked ” Mummy, why the rice so soft?” Haha! Anyway, here’s the little lunch bento for my princess:-

There’s the porridge like white and brown rice mix, chicken with pumpkin and dried prawns and some scrambled eggs. I don’t really fancy pumpkin but this combination, inspired by my MIL was really yummy. Little princess surely didn’t eat the cucumber but I had to put a slice in for more colour. πŸ˜€

Welcome to the new year!!

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