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This bento was made some time ago and was really upset when I could not locate the picture but voila! Found it accidentally, all this time saved in my netbook. Looked high and low for it and when not looking, it appeared! Here it is the lost and found kissing snails bento!

Made the above snails from kaya swiss rolls bought from Yut Kee, a coffee shop established since 1982! (a blog about it is found here, Those rolls are really delicious especially so that I love kaya (a spread made from egg and coconut milk). One is never enough so I had two! Haha! The snails’ head were made from sausages, details from cheese, nori and dry soba.

In the box there were grapes and cherry tomatoes. Had the snails kissing so I added some heart shaped carrots. πŸ˜€ Now that I am looking at this bento, I realized this must have been made really a long time ago coz I didn’t have any picks in the box! But am so glad that I found this to be posted again!

The previous weekend, brought the kids to the bird park and last weekend we planned to bring them to fly kites. Unfortunately, by the time my brother and his family got ready to pick us up it was already very sunny. So plan scraped but we went to a nearby park, the TTDI park, laid down the mat under some trees and had a picnic instead! Of course I made the kids bento but these time did not made it to the outing theme of kite. Here they are:-

Little Eva’s

Little Keith’s

In each boxes there were mini cheddar cheese sandwiches. Eva’s sandies were cut into shapes and stamped with hello kitty images while Keith’s are cut into vehicles shape and stamped with the details. Each also had two octopus sausages, grapes, nectarine and plum.

Eva’s had a fall at the park and her cries could be heard all over the park. She’s been walking with a limp and is made worse with a bad cold and fever now. She’s really under the weather but when I asked if she wants to go to the park she said “YES”! πŸ˜€ They enjoyed the monkeys, fishes and tortoises at the park more than the “BIG” birds! haha!

Just got back from a really short trip to Jakarta, Indonesia and hence am really tired. Overslept this morning but still managed to made a little bento for myself and that’s thanks to the planning the night before. πŸ˜€ The two days that I were away, I felt so lost coz I could not catch up on the bento tweets as there was no WiFi connection at the hotel. Only managed to log on during a short trip to the MOS Burger outlet and during my waiting time at the airport. Am glad to be back!

This morning is really an assembled bento with not much effort as I knew I will be too tired to do more than this. So here it is:-

The box contains fried radish cake from the night market yesterday after arriving home. This dish is made up by frying cube radish cake with beansprout, spring onions and some pickled vegetables as well as sambal belacan. Its really yummy and it is one of the stall at the night market that’ constantly has got a queue. In the same radish cake box there’s also home made egg and fish past roll. This is made by my aunt and all she does to make this dish is fry an omellete and then spread some fish paste on the it, roll them up and steam it. The fish paste is also home made. Very very yummy too! I used some lettuce leaves as the baran to separate the radish cake from the egg fish roll.

In the bottom tier of this Pooh Pooh box is the fruit layer. Had some cherry tomatoes, grapes, pineapple and guava. Could not help it but overdose the ducky picks coz the box looks kinda plain. Haha!!

One of the coolest thing among all the cool thing about bento making is the giveaways that the bento community seems to be really generous about. And since am also a bento-ist, I would like to join in the gift giving spirit! Guess the gift? Yup, its about bento and am giving away one of the coolest bento book of the year, Yum Yum Bento Box – Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches by Crystal “Pikko” WatanabeΒ  and Maki Ogawa (!

This is the very first bento book that I’ve purchased and love the graphics and ideas by Pikko. My daughter loves it too and it sort of became one of her bedtime “story book”. She loves the pink sheep one a lot and she wants me read to her almost every night and we’ll sing “baa baa pink sheep have you any wool…la la la”.This book is really great to get some inspiration when you have “bento” block which happens once in awhile.

Actually, I bought this book and just recently, my sister in law bought me the same book in Bahamas and couriered it back to surprise me coz she knew I was into bento making. When I received it I was totally surprised and happy but since I already have it, I would like to give it away to other bento-ist out there. My SIL has given her consent and so here I am sharing the love! πŸ˜€

Since this is my very first giveaway, I ain’t equip with the skills in using the random automatic number generator that other bento maestro use so I will be getting my little girl to draw out the number. Also I don’t think I’ll have that many numbers to draw since my blog is really new but I am so excited already! πŸ˜€ Okay here’s how to enter the giveaway, I would like to know what is the best thing about bento making that attracted you to it and please kindly post a picture/link to the picture of your very first bento. I hope it would be a kind of memory lane experience when you can think back to your first bento and how you started this journey. πŸ˜€

I will be traveling quite a bit in the next two to three weeks so I will want to conclude the draw before I go MIA. Hence, the last day for submission is 31st August 2010. Please kindly provide to me your email address too so that I could contact you if you are the lucky one! Let’s get the ball rolling!

Last Sunday, I brought my daughter and nephew to the Bird Park. It seems that the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park has the largest South East Asia “Free-flight Walk-in Aviary”. And because of the free-flight, both the kiddos were afraid to walk on their own and we had to carry them most of the way. But managed to convince them to walk when the birdies were not on the pathway at some time. Anyway, of course this post will have bento coz that’s what my blog is all about. Hehe!

Since we were going to the bird park, I made two birdy bentos for them. Made them each a luncheon ham sandwich, some home baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and little cherries. Decorated the sandies with an owl (for little girl) and an eagle (for little boy) made from cheese cut out with luncheon ham features. Here they are!

And here’s a picture of the kiddos enjoying their bentos.

And here’s one of them pretending to take pictures of the birds. πŸ˜€

I asked them later if they would like to go to the bird park again, they both said in unison, “No!”. Asked them why, and they said they were afraid of the birds!! Haha!

This morning I made two bentos yet again. One for mua and one for hubs. As mentioned in my last post, Maki of Just Bento ( thought me that bentos need not be cute but healthy and pleasing to the eyes. πŸ˜€ So today I followed the advice and made a non-cute but kinda cool (ahem!) looking bento for hubs! Since he had mentioned not to make him cute ones. But for myself I can’t help it but make it a little cute coz I love everything kawaii! So here are the seriously and not so seriously bentos:-

The Serious One

The Not So Serious One

Both boxes had almost the same contents i.e. I made us both a cheese, luncheon ham, lettuce bagel sandwich. Hubs bagel is poppy seed and mine is cinnamon. We both had small mandarin slices and cherries. He had extra cherry tomatoes and I had some corn rice crackers.

Mine bagel seems to look like a sheep but not so quite a sheep. I don’t really know but I added some picks at the mouth area to look as if its munching on some grass and flowers. Haha!

Bought Makito Itoh’s Just Bento Cookbook (Β  two days ago and love every pages of it. Actually thought that the book will be a lot thicker but it was kind of thin. Nevertheless, every page in the book was written with so much detail and I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to start making bento to purchase this. One other key reason why this book is great for beginners like me is that I love it when Maki said that the most important thing about bento is to ensure healthy eating that’s also pleasing to the eyes but not to the extend that all bento made has to have cute charaben inside. I’ve always felt a little bit intimidated posting my bentos online because I know there are a lot of better looking bentos out there. With Makiko assurance, and knowing that I’ve put my heart and soul into making every single one of them, I am proud to be posting today’s bento and many more to come even if I won’t get to be as good as other bento maestros out there! Thanks Maki!

The theme for this morning was inspired by the many other bento mummies out there whom are complaining that summer has ended. Over here in M’sia there’s always sunshine and hence I hope that making this bento will put a smile back on their faces. The main dish is the black pepper udon that I made with ingredients leftover from the steamboat dinner over the weekend. There were the mini meatballs, minced meat, red bell pepper, julienned carrots, “foo chook” (beancurd skin with some fish paste) and to add a little more colour, edamame! I forgot to put in salt but tasted it and..mmm it sure taste delicious even without the salt. I guess it’s the work of the premium soy sauce my MIL gave me. Haha!

On top of the udon, I made the a butterfly from omellette (bottom layer), cheese (2nd layer) and then red bell peppper (top layer). Used filamen stick for the rest of the body and spots. Nori was used for the eyes and lines on body and lastly dry soba as the tentacles. As usual there’s the fruity section, filled with hami-melon and grapes with flower picks. There’s also a little sunshine peeping out from behind the flower food cup! πŸ˜€

This morning I thought I’ve planned my bento well and will need minimal time to do but alas, as my blog name suggest, I was so clumsy at the last minute I dropped my own bento onto the floor and had loads to clean up. 😦 Hence this morning there’s no picture of my bento but only hubs.

In his bento there’s two wholemeal dinner roll toasted, buttered and filled with crunchy bacon. I also fried an omelette and made a little cap and a flower for the rolls. Made them a pair of boy and girl. To emphasize that cap one is a boy, I cut out a “B” from cheese to put on the cap! Haha As usual the facial details are from cheese and nori. Added toasted black sesame as eyelashes for the girl. Wanted to try other expression from a set of nori punchers I bought but have not had any success with them. Every time I cut the expressions will get stuck in the puncher and can’t come out. Need to consult the other bento maestros out there on how to do them correctly.

Filled the box with mini corns, a cup of edamame, cherries and grapes. In the Pooh Pooh container are some tomato sauce to fill into the rolls if hubs wanted. Didn’t put in the rolls earlier because was afraid the rolls will be soggy when he eats them.

We had to make a trip out to shop for a new ceiling fan that comes with light for our garden patio. I was afraid that my little one will be hungry as she only had two tiny PBJ sandwich for breakfast and we may not be able to make it home by lunch on time. So I decided to make her a snack bento. πŸ˜€ She had a chocolate croissant decorated with facial features from cheese and nori. Don’t know what character but had only 10 mins to do this so anything would do. Haha!

Filled the rest of the box with sliced golden kiwi, plum, dried cranberries and raisins, baked pretzels and a tiny seafood kind of nut (the red one). She ate everything except for the baked pretzels and the plum. Don’t know why but I am proud that she’s at least eating kiwi which she used to dislike. πŸ˜€ Oh and she didn’t ever realize the tiny nori eyes on the cheese and ate them all. Guess the cheese taste overwhelmed the nori taste.

Went to “pasar malam” (night market) last night and bought some huge looking siu mai! They cost RM 2 for 3 pieces and its really kind of dear since it was sold in the night market. But I could not resist as they look so delish in the hot steaming cart. So I bought 6 pieces and decided to keep them for my bento this morning. And so here they are!

I had three of them and added a yambean dumpling also purchased at from the night market. The yambean is really very tasty too and its served with fried garlic, spring onions and chilli sauce. One can only see the spring onion as the fragrant fried garlic is underneath! And I had a serving of zucchini, tomato and corn salad with balsamic vinegar (packed in the little piggy bottle) topped with a carrot flower. Here it is theΒ  coming together of east (Dim Sum) meets west (Balsamic Salad)!!! Ha ha! On the bottom layer is of course the fruits. Had kiwi cut into flower shape, watermelon and some grapes.

If you notice, my background of today’s bento and yesterday are slightly different from my earlier bentos. And I think the pictures look better now. Coz took some advice from my brother to use lighter or colourful background and also use natural lighting for the pictures. And voila! It does make the difference. Now I know how the other bento queens made their pictures look so real and so yummy-licious!! πŸ˜€

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