Tiny Tortilla Picnic

Posted on: July 27, 2010

Made the above for a little picnic outing on Sunday morning but only have the time to post it now. It’s a small little serving coz it’s only for me, my little girl and my maid. Hubs was still snoring in bed coz it was 830am! It was great weather outside so told my little girl that we’re going to have breakfast outside at the little playground in front of our home. She was indeed jumping up with joy with the change of scene for breakfast. 😀

Made the above in about 20 mins. Used a tiffin carrier that my mum bought for me from Thailand. It’s really useful coz that’s how I ferry dinner home for my hubs every night from my mum’s. We had a fruit tier with the entire ducky family picks. The fruits include sweet sweet south african pears, sugar apricot, little dragon fruit and oranges. My little girl only ate the pears.

On the 2nd tier, we had ham and cheese tortilla rolls. Some had lettuce inside and some not coz again little girl don’t eat lettuce. I made a sweet tortilla too for variety. It’s made of PBJ and some dried cranberries. That was quite delicious! 😀 This picnic was less stressful as we did not have to carry so many things and drive out to the park. My little girl got to play on the slide and our neighbour joined us with her little girl too.Maybe next round will do it at the pool side but will have to check and see if it’s okay to have food near the pool.

There’ll be less bento this week as my morning schedule is packed with events. But hopefully I can squeeze in time to make one before the week ends. 😉 And I’ll submit this for the picnic BOMB contest too!


4 Responses to "Tiny Tortilla Picnic"

Yum! I wanna join the picnic hehehe … School day here is so it’s hard to have picnic here. We lack of good places for picnic. So nice to see your picnic bento for BOMB 🙂

Thanks Lia. I live in a condominium but my unit has its own little private garden and right outside my garden is a little playground for kids and we have quite a number of parks surrounding our neighbourhood. Am not sure bout Jakarta but will know when I visit in the next two weeks or so. 😀 You can join me and my little one for a picnic if you come down to Kuala Lumpur!

Nice & healthy!

I need to learn to picnic more; whenever the sun decides to come out it’s usually fabulous picnic weather here in the UK. I just need to get off the mentality that bento=lunch!

Studied in the UK too years ago and yeah when the sun comes out every one will lounge outside. Had been doing bento breakfast all this time coz I still enjoy my friend’s company at work during lunch hour when we all eat out together. I guess bento=any meal time!!! 😀

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