The Sandwiches

Posted on: July 28, 2010

Since I know I may not be making bento that often this week, I made 4 this morning!! Made two little bentos, one for my daughter and another for my nephew. My nephew is a great supporter, eating everything in the bento box but my daughter being the pickier one took out almost the entire content and ate only the sandwich. Sigh…Hope she’ll learn to add eat a little bit more varieties especially greens. Here are their bentos consisting of a cheese top sandwich cut into a bear and a duck each, tiny tomato for my nephew coz he just loves them, a sugar apricot for my daughter, and ham rolled sausages top with a star carrot and some corns. Oh and a little reddish nutty bean that I bought at the Hokkaido fair in Isetan.

The other two bentos were made for my hubs and sister. I bought this Hello Kitty boxes that came in 4 different sizes that are stackable and so used it this morning for my sis and my little girl. Hubs and Sis bento content are slightly different. They had ham and cheese sandwiches. Use the leftover cut out bread from the tiny bentos made for the little ones. In the bentos, there is also corn on cob underneath the sammies and they each had two cherry tomatoes each. 😀 Here they are! 😀


2 Responses to "The Sandwiches"

So cute! I’d eat it. :o)

Cute bentos! Those corn buttons for the bear is really nice to add for more detail and color 🙂

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