Am working near one of the oldest and best bakery in town, especially for their extremely delicious flaky buttery creamy egg tart – Tong Kee! And the branch near me is their HQ that opens 6am in the morning serving hot out of the oven tarts and all other nice bakery goodies. So took a trip there after lunch yesterday and bought half a dozen of those beautiful tarts (ooppss…no pictures!) and two custard buns for bentos this morning. Made those bun into little tiger and tigress for the kiddo with cut out nori, cheese and sausages for ears. Little edamame for some colours and fibre. Here they are!


This morning I woked up earlier so out came the pan and the cooking starts at 530am. 😉 Bought some fish sandwiches fillet over the weekend and decided I wanted to make a fishy theme bento for this week. So in today’s bentos, I made some simple fish sandwiches with Gardenia’s Breakthru bread. These bread are really delicious whether eaten fresh from the pack or toasted. It’s a bit expensive though. Then with some time left I attempted the tamagoyaki once more. This time I added chopped carrots for fibre and vitamins as the kiddos can’t take fruits at this moment due to pro-long cough. Here they are!:-

That’s my little’s girl mermaid toy! Keke


This morning I decided to put in a little more effort to cook for the bento instead of just sandwiches, pau and all. Actually, it all boiled down to planning. Went to the grocer after work and bought some nice russet potatoes and at the same time I downloaded Martha Steward app on my new toy that showcased some nice tortilla. So with the little ingredients I have in the kitchen, I made the simplest tortilla. Just egg, potatoes, carrot and parmesan for the kiddos. It turned out pretty decent and I do hope they at least try to eat it. This morning bento is more about substance than look though. 🙂

I added a ham blossom each with a little tomato dipping sauce. I actually had some leftover potatoes, wild mushroom and ham so I made an adult tortilla with it but again due to time factor, I didn’t not snap any picture. So till next tortilla moment! “Hasta pronto”!

Last weekend had been an eventful and pleasantly tiring one as I spend loads of time in the kitchen. On Saturday, I baked my favourite Intense Chocolate Oreo Cake, a recipe I learned and adapted by Katie of Feeding Boys and a Firefighter. I love this recipe so much this is the 3 rd time I’m making it. The cake was made for my FIL’s be-early birthday celebration as my SIL was back over the weekend from New York. The cake was half gobbled up during the birthday dinner and the half was served for Sunday lunch for my cousin’s family that came back from Hong Kong.

On Sunday, I slave in the kitchen from 530 am till noon. I guess others that are master chefs will take only half or even less of tha time but not the clumsy me. I made a roast chicken with potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and lemon. Made spaghetti bolognaise and salad for side. And I made my cream of mushroom once more as my sis loves that soup. It’s my 2nd attempt and I would have to say the first time was the best. Haha! This round there were too much milk. Anyway, everything were once again gobbled up except for some pasta sauce remaining and a chicken drumstick.

So I packed the leftover for my lunch bento today in the biggest bento box I have as I need to fit in the drumstick..un-cut! Haha! Here it is….

For the sides, I just added some leftover brown rice and sticks of cucumber and cherry tomatoes! So very filling!!! ;D

How was everyone’s weekend?


Today’s post will be a 2 in 1 again coz I did not have the time to post the bento I made on Wednesday. 😦

The Wednesday bento star was the char siew (BBQ pork tenderloin, Chinese style) tortilla wrap. The char siew was home made by my mummy based on inherited recipe from my grandma. I toasted the whole wheat tortilla, butter it, lay it with pieces of yummy char siew and carrot sticks. Added a half boiled egg with a little smiley face for kawaiiness. There’s slices of guava, pear and grapes. My princess ate all except for the extra carrot sticks and the guava and pear. 😦 Again, I wonder when she’ll ever eat healthier.

So for today, this mummy here hid some chopped up carrots into the birdy pancake for the bento. Made the pancake shape with the silicon shaper and it’s actually not that difficult. I just have to use slow fire and watch it closely. Birdy has got a kamaboko wing which I believe I cut the rounded edges wrongly but didn’t have time to make  another one. There’s also a little pink crown on birdy made with the cut out kamaboko but hidded under the HK continer.  The eye is made from chocolate chip. The rest are some hami melon cubes and apple slices with two little prunes. The pancake can be eaten with the honey in the HK container.

This morning I overslept!! I always use my phone as my alarm but the battery died middle of the night. So there I was in dreamland until my “biological” alarm woke me up at 6am. Jumped up from bed and in my drowsy state, went to the kitchen stare at my freezer and pop two mini frozen chicken ham and cheese pie into the oven. Went back in to brush my teeth, took a bath while thinking of the healthy sides to go with the pie.

So tadaaa….here’s the simplest pop and boil and store bento for this morning.

The best my sleepy head could worked out was to put carrot sticks for the fibre, vit and also colour to the dull looking pie. 😀 My little girl had some cut-up pears and apple in another side container but didn’t give any to my nephew as it’s still the “no fruit” diet.

Yesterday evening I was about to go part with loads of my money to get a new tech toy….iPad2! Had been waiting for awhile now as I could not decide if it will be a good investment. Hahaha! So there I went with the heart thumping anticipating the new purchase….”Sorry no more stock”, said the sales guy. Part of me felt relief coz I didn’t have to part with my money (although hubs had volunteered to subsidized, after much persuasion of course) and part of me felt terrible, coz I really wanted that “toy”. Sigh…. So instead of parting with thousands of ringgit, I parted with RM 11 instead buying egg tarts and two tiny bo lo pau from John King. The egg tarts were really delicious, with flaky pastry and smooth as satin custard. As for the bo lo pau, I used them for this morning’s bento for the kiddos. Here they are:-

Made them into owlets and used my two new picks that I purchased during my recent trip to Daiso in Kota Kinabalu. Added a Yakult drink each (for a healthier tummy for my little girl who has a bit of constipation issue), kiwi and pear for my little girl and prunes again for my nephew. Wonder if they will finish these today?

Oh and though I didn’t get my new toy, I got a better gift when I returned home. This beautiful card that my little girl made for me! As she gave me, she said “Mummy, its nice so you have to bring it to your office and show your boss, ok?” And I started laughing when she said that. Little kids are so heart-warming…..

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