Simple East meets West Pizza Bentos

Posted on: October 4, 2011

Those who reads my blog will realised that the consistency of my posting is not there these days due to a number of factors. Firstly, the kiddos seem to love to eat the same food as their friends in school during their snack time. So many a time, the mummies get a little disappointed when the bento box comes home untouched. So we have resorted to asking for the meal schedule from the kindy and choose the days that we feel the meals are not as nutritious and make the kiddos a bento. Today I know they will be having crackers and so here comes the bento.

Secondly,the reason for not making as many bentos is because both  my little girl and nephew had been infected with the HFMD virus. They were away from school for the entire week and then when they went back, the school decided to close for a few more days to be safe. And lastly, all the rest is making me lazy to make bentos especially kawaii ones. Keke! So this morning I made a simple and aI believe a more nutritious bento vs crackers the kiddos:-

Princess’s Bento

Prince’s Bento

In both bentos, I made bulgogi pizza from pork slices marinated in pre-prepared bulgogi sauce then pan fried, sprinkled with clusters of seaweed, bonito flakes and japanese mayo on a whole wheat pita bread. For fruits, they had three slices of kiwi and honey fuji apples each. 🙂

And…that’s not all! I made myself a bento too for lunch today as I have short break for today due to meeting scheduled. Actually it’s leftover dinner that was meant for hubs be he did not have the appetite so I packed it up nicely to be heat up for my lunch today! 😉 Here it is!

The Queen’s Bento

In my huge bento, I have assam seafood (prawns, cuttlefish, lady fingers, onions all cooked in damn yummy tasting assam curry sauce), fried mackerel on rice with a quail egg. On the other tier is the left over bulgogi pork in the little food cup and my colourful fruits! 😉 Mari Makan! 

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