Honey Sake Pork Chop Bentos

Posted on: September 7, 2011

I made the pork chop over the weekend for my grandma as I was going over to visit her. Its been awhile since I saw her and she misses her great-grandchildren. So that Sunday, my uncle’s house were filled with loads of screaming child AND adults coz the adults had to chase after the little kiddos! Haha! I “stole” a few pieces to keep for my bento freezer stash and feature it in this morning’s bento.

Inside today’s bento which is also the first bento for the new semester are the honey sake pork chop on a lettuce cup, noodles and slices of hard boiled eggs. In the 2nd tier, there are grapes, apples and a tiny Yuppi Burger shape soft sweet for treat!

Verdict of today’s bento – kiddos finished the pork chop and fruits only!!! Didn’t touch the noodles or the eggs…probably they were short of time?!?!

2 Responses to "Honey Sake Pork Chop Bentos"

Honey sake pork chops? You have to share the recipe, that sounds delicious!

Agree with Heather! The pork chop sounds delicious and I think your kids finished that first hehehe … (^.^)

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