“Wrapping” up Bentos

Posted on: August 29, 2011

Last Friday was the last day of of the 2nd school term for the kiddos. So this post is on a the special kind of “bento” for them which did not include a bento box, hence I don’t really know if I should still call them bento. But since its still “packed food” for them I shall post about it. I bought some really yummy cream cheese and raisin rolls from Ginza Cafe at the Tokyo Street in Pavillion. The pastries were going for 50% off as it was past 930 and near to closing time. So I grab quite a bit including a sesame baguette which I will make french toast with tomorrow!

Here are the special wrapped up bentos for the kiddos!

I made them little present. Wrote their name on a white paper freehand, put on some cute stickers so that it ain’t boring and then I gave them a little puzzle game at the back of the card. Help little busy bee find its way home to its hive! They finished their pastry and kept the little card after finishing the puzzle in their school bag! The best thing is the little happy grin they had when they saw the bentos in the morning coz its “different”! A suprise! 😀

It takes really little to make children happy and when they smile at you it takes away all the blues that you may have! Have a great school holidays for those having them and Happy Hari Raya for those celebrating! 😀



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