The Healthier “Burger Spesial” Bento

Posted on: August 18, 2011

This morning I made the famous Ramly style “burger spesial”! For those who don’t know Ramly is the famous Malaysian burger brand that grew from a mere roadstall to huge factories producing that great burger for sale at frozen sections in supermarket. And “burger spesial” is when the burger patty is wrapped up in a thin layer of egg omelette, drench with generous mount of mayo and chilli sauce and served in buttered warm burger buns! Ooo…thinking bout it makes me want to eat one now!

Anyhow, since these burgers were for little kiddos I had to sort of make it “healthier”. I grilled the patties in the oven instead of pan frying them in oil and I used eggs with no antibiotic injections. Also I left out the mayo and chilli. And also instead of normal burger buns, I used wholemeal pita bread which I cut into round shapes. Hmm…I guess these changes sort of make the burger ain’t that special anymore huh? And I think that’s why the kiddos choose to eat macaroni and cheese at school today instead of my bentos. “Sob” “Sob”!!! (I know coz am writing this post after being informed by my sis that the kiddos are now being punished for not eating their bentos!”)

Here’s today’s bentos

I will probably get the school menu and see which are the days that they serve food the kiddos will like more than home cook and ensure it’s healthy. This way I can choose when to sleep in longer. 😀









3 Responses to "The Healthier “Burger Spesial” Bento"

Xelia, you’re so funny. I love your healthy burger in pita! It’s so sweet. It’s hard to compete with Mac & cheese, that’s all 🙂

Never heard of this burger before but will love to try it if I can find it. Nice work Xelia!

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