Custard Bun Kungfu Tiger & Tigress!

Posted on: August 11, 2011

Am working near one of the oldest and best bakery in town, especially for their extremely delicious flaky buttery creamy egg tart – Tong Kee! And the branch near me is their HQ that opens 6am in the morning serving hot out of the oven tarts and all other nice bakery goodies. So took a trip there after lunch yesterday and bought half a dozen of those beautiful tarts (ooppss…no pictures!) and two custard buns for bentos this morning. Made those bun into little tiger and tigress for the kiddo with cut out nori, cheese and sausages for ears. Little edamame for some colours and fibre. Here they are!

4 Responses to "Custard Bun Kungfu Tiger & Tigress!"

So lucky to work right next to that bakery!!
I would be going there every single morning…
Love your well crafted tiger faces. Beautiful!

I would love to have this cute custard bun! You cut your nori very well, so neat and perfect 🙂

These are totally adorable. I couldn’t be able to eat them they’re so cute.

Thank you all for the encouraging comment. These bentos didn’t take me long as compared to others but received more comments. Haha!

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