Little Bo Lo Pau Owlets

Posted on: July 21, 2011

Yesterday evening I was about to go part with loads of my money to get a new tech toy….iPad2! Had been waiting for awhile now as I could not decide if it will be a good investment. Hahaha! So there I went with the heart thumping anticipating the new purchase….”Sorry no more stock”, said the sales guy. Part of me felt relief coz I didn’t have to part with my money (although hubs had volunteered to subsidized, after much persuasion of course) and part of me felt terrible, coz I really wanted that “toy”. Sigh…. So instead of parting with thousands of ringgit, I parted with RM 11 instead buying egg tarts and two tiny bo lo pau from John King. The egg tarts were really delicious, with flaky pastry and smooth as satin custard. As for the bo lo pau, I used them for this morning’s bento for the kiddos. Here they are:-

Made them into owlets and used my two new picks that I purchased during my recent trip to Daiso in Kota Kinabalu. Added a Yakult drink each (for a healthier tummy for my little girl who has a bit of constipation issue), kiwi and pear for my little girl and prunes again for my nephew. Wonder if they will finish these today?

Oh and though I didn’t get my new toy, I got a better gift when I returned home. This beautiful card that my little girl made for me! As she gave me, she said “Mummy, its nice so you have to bring it to your office and show your boss, ok?” And I started laughing when she said that. Little kids are so heart-warming…..

The Outside

The Inside


4 Responses to "Little Bo Lo Pau Owlets"

Polo bao is so round and perfect shapes for owl. Cute owl! Your daughter so sweet. You should put her card in the office 🙂

Thanks Lia. I’ve hung it up in my office the very next day. 😀

Awww, she is so sweet!!! Her card is really pretty 🙂 The owls are so cute.

Thank you for the compliment. 😉

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