Bunnies Fried Rice

Posted on: July 19, 2011

The rusty bento making mummy is back!! The tools had been collecting dust in the past months but now it shall make its debut again!! 😀 Actually, I did make some bento here and there but I just didn’t have the time to post any. Some of those that I made were fully inspired by akinoichigo! May post it some time later.

As for this morning, I made simple fried rice and decorated into a bunny shape with kamoboko for ears, sausages and nori for eyes and mouth. There’s also some homemade nugget under the food cups. I made the nuggets out of chicken breast coated with panko mixed with sesame seeds and oats. Very yummy! 😀 My little girl have got apples for fruit and my nephew, some prunes coz he still can’t take fruits as per the chinese sin seh.Ooopss….I should have made some buck teeth but I totally forgot…sigh…

They both finished their bento today!!! Am so happy. 😀


3 Responses to "Bunnies Fried Rice"

Great idea with the food cups! The bunnies are so cute. Glad to see your back with your post 🙂

Such a creative idea to use the flower food cup for the bunnies! They turn out so nice! 🙂

Thanks for compliment. I got the idea from some of the other bento masters. 😀 You can try it too coz its really cool! 😀

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