Birthday Cakes!!

Posted on: April 26, 2011

It was my mummy’s 60th birthday over the last weekend. For the first time I attempted an ice cream cake! Its kinda easy and the fun part of it was that the her grandchildren could contribute too! I made a vanilla chocolate macadamia oreo ice cream cake. The little ones had a lot of fun whacking the Oreo cookies into crumbs with the rolling pin to make the base for the cake. Here it is:-

We decorated with a little chocolate bunny as my mummy was born in the year of the Rabbit according to the lunar calendar. Also to add some colour, we threw some M&Ms on top! The sides had half pieces of Oreos as the side of the cake are not perfect as can be seen from the picture. 😉 All was consumed after the birthday dinner.. lip smacking!

So for the very next day kindy bentos for the kids I made them …”cake” theme! A three tier cake on top of that. It’s a very simple bento with a piece of really soft chocolate swiss roll from Sun Moulin, Isetan, the cheese “flavored” three tier cake and some fruits.

Bento finished till the last crumb!


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