Radish Cake Bentos

Posted on: February 9, 2011

I am extremely terrible with my photography skills. My pictures are definitely not appetizing. Sigh..Must take a lesson or two from my lil brother. Anyway, started work after a long week of break. My little girl also had that long a break and it was both a good and bad thing altogether. Good, in the sense that we managed to spend the whole week together. Bad, is that she cried for three whole hours yesterday when she went back to school. Sigh..I’ll have to go through that “convincing her that school is a great place” phase once again.

Even the above bento did not cheer her up though it had two of her favourites i.e. sausages and a chocolate treat (wrapped as a gold coin that used to be my childhood favourite chocolate treat!). The main of the bento was the radish cake I made. She ate it during dinner on Sunday but she did not touch it yesterday. The sweet potato hearts were untouched as well. The consoling fact is that she ate all her fruits. 😀

Made a similar bento for my nephew:-


3 Responses to "Radish Cake Bentos"

Cute octodog! Hope tomorrow she will clean up the bento 🙂

Sorry your girl was so sad to go back to school, I’m sure she misses mom. Love the boy and girl octodogs!

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