2 in 1 Post

Posted on: January 27, 2011


These days time seems so limited that I’ve not been able to post my daily bento like before so like the previous 3 in 1 post, this post will feature not one but two bentos that I’ve made for yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday’s Fish and Flower Chips Bento:

This bento consist of two fish fingers that I cut into half each, pan-fried flower potatoes, carrot flower (inspired by Sherimiya of Happy Little Bento) few edamame hidden beneath the carrots, fragrant pear and a HK container with tomato sauce. Little princess ate everything except…guess? Yup, carrots as well as edamame untouched. Sigh….

This morning’s Chinese New Year theme bento:

This bento’s main is the PBJ sandwich on a bamboo charcoal bread from Lavender bakery. This is a really yummy bread although its totally black! It is extremely soft and a little sweet. Heard that there’s some health benefit with eating bamboo charcoal too but don’t know exactly what kind of benefits. 😉 For today’s bento I decided to have a chinese new year theme one as my little princess will be celebrating the festival at school tomorrow. I decorated the sandwich with a cheese bowl of mandarin oranges made from carrot and spearmint leaves as well as the red fireworks made from apple skin. The tiny white specks is meant to show the sparks from the burning fireworks and they are made from cheese. I think it looks cool! Haha! The rest of the bento consist of flower kiwi and apple slices.

Made two of this bento this morning as it has been decided and agreed with my SIL that we’ll both take turn to make bentos for the two little one so that we can catch up on our sleep. Haha! Cool right? Here’s my nephew’s which is the same as my little princess:-


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So creative Xelia. Love your CNY theme a lot! Beautiful 🙂

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