The 3 in 1 post

Posted on: January 25, 2011

I did not have time to post my last Friday and yesterday’s bento so this I am putting them all together in this post with today’s bento. 😀 Please bear with me.

Last Friday’s bento, featuring the “Simple Flowers”!

This bento consist of butter and apricot jam on whole meal bread. I love cutting out sandwiches with the boxes and that’s what I did with today’s sandwich. Decorated it with carrot and cheese flowers. The rest of the bento consist of apple and cantaloupe slices. Princess didn’t eat the cantaloupe again. She said she don’t like it still. Should I still try? SIgh…

The Yesterday’s (Monday)  Bento, featuring “The Pencils”!

Made a ham and cheese whole wheat bagel for princess. These days the bentos are mostly for her and her alone except this morning I made for hubs and myself too! 😀 The pencils are made from the leftover cut out of ham and cheese. Completed them with nori. The rest of the bento consist of persimmon cut out (she didn’t like it, didn’t touch it at all), fragrant pear (finished!) and a little box of raisin.

Today’s Bentos – The Whole “Rolled-Up” Family Bentos!



Little Princess’s Rolled-Up

All the above bentos consist of chicken mayo rolled up with sundried tomato tortilla. My little princess ain’t fond of vegetables and she’s also picky about fruits. So I tried in this recipe to include some vegetables that she normally don’t take. I cut up tomatoes and boiled edamame into tiny pieces and mixed it with the chicken and mayo. I asked my mum earlier and she said only one was consumed. 😦 Her tongue is really sensitive. Apple slices were left untouched as well. Sigh…. She definitely finished the chocolate muffin. Hubs and my bentos were almost identical except for the sides. Our sides consist of corn on cob, fragrant pear, cantaloupe and cherries.

That’s all!


5 Responses to "The 3 in 1 post"

I like the rollups; flavor sounds yummy. Haven’t tried cutting sandwiches with the box but it’s a good idea!

Rollups are great! Sad to hear she didn´t eat much… but don´t give up! I am sure she will eat veggies soon, specially with so cute presentation like yours!

I do hope so too. Eating nori now is already a great achievement! Haha! Thanks for the encouragement.

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