Bunny CNY 2011 and Flower Pizza Bentos

Posted on: January 17, 2011

I finally made a bunny theme last Friday as I’ve seen so many these days prettily made by all the bento queens out there. For those that are not aware, the cutey bunny is this year’s zodiac animal in the Chinese calendar. My little bunny is made from a peach apricot tart with ears made from ham rolls resting on top of carrot slices. Both pastries were bought during lunch at this quaint little restaurant that advertise stone oven baked goodies. These were yummy except that I realised the ham rolls were spiced with black pepper right before sending my little princess to kindy. I had no choice but to remove bunny ears and replaced it with two tiny cocktail sausages which she didn’t mind as she loves sausages. 😀 The rest of the bento consist of star apples, cherries and grapes. She finished everything except for the carrots. 😦 I will keep trying

This morning’s bento is a flower pizza made from pita bread. I spread some tomato paste, laid down some sausages and crab stick and then cheddar cheese on it. Baked it this morning and cool it before putting it into this new HK box that my princess got from her aunt in the States. its a really really beautiful two tier box. And the next best thing is that it has two little dividers in the bottom tier that came with their individual lid!! These can be used to store more liquid content I believe.  Even the cover of the bottom tier has got a little HK imprinted on it. 😀

The rest of the bento consist of heart-shaped cantaloupe (that my little princess didn’t like) and apple, skewered cherries and three little grapes. She’s a real fussy eater in a way with preference for more meat and no vegetables and only selected fruits. Like I said earlier, I will continue to persevere!!

Oh before I forget, I am thankful to Maki of Just Bento for her extremely helpful weekly bento planner. I just started and it’s really saving me lots of time and allow me to plan better nutritious food for my girl. See I made mine for this week and stuck it to my fridge!


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