The “Comeback” Bento

Posted on: November 22, 2010

Looking back, I think its been slightly more than a month since my last post. I had been both lazy and too busy to make any and worst of all, I didn’t even follow up on all the great bentos that had been made by my fellow bento frens on Twitter. Had some major life planning to do during this time of absence and is still going through the plans as well as putting some into action. I guess it’s the year the end effect, when you realized you didn’t really achieve any of the new year resolution you set 11 months ago and now trying desperately to at least cross some of them out. Haha!

Anyway, I told myself that I shall start making my bentos again, though its time consuming a.k.a less sleeping time and I did! I actually made a lunch bento! If you’ve been following my post, most if not all my bentos are usually breakfast bento. I think making lunch bentos are a lot easier as there are wider options of food to put in. But I do plan to make an all American breakfast bento one of this day. It will be most sinful but yummylicious! Haha.

Here’s my lunch bento for today:-

My lunch today comprise mainly of yesterday’s dinner leftover. I made my own wanton yesterday with minced pork, carrots and onions. Made a special cucumber and tomato sauce to go with them but that’s finished during dinner and so I could only have plain tomato sauce in this bento, stored in the HK box. There’s also the crab stick omelette that I made for my daughter and nephew. The rice was my key challenge in making this morning. Coz for the first time I tried to reheat frozen rice in the microwave. I put some water into the freezer bag which contain the rice and put it on the steam function for 6 mins. It came out hot and nice! I then mixed it with some wasabi furikake. For fibre and vitames, I’ve some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, slices of plum and a tiny little tangerine.


7 Responses to "The “Comeback” Bento"

Looks absolutely tasty! Glad that you are back for your bento making. Hello Kitty sauce cup and the pink food cup make the upper box so sweet 🙂

Thanks Lia! I’ve always been using fresh stuff for my bento and now using leftover prettily placed makes it really yummy too! 😀

Oh yummy! When you comeback you do it with style!

Wah feel so love already! Thanks for the encouragement! 😀

It’s a very nice comeback bento!! Love the HK cup and the tiny tangerine is so cute 🙂

Thanks for the kind comment. The tangerine was really sweet!

Great job! I am so hungry looking at the food now. 😉

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