Themed Bento

Posted on: October 18, 2010

I made two different theme bentos this morning. They were inspired by the current events happening in October and they are the PINK Breast Cancer Awareness events and the OctoberFest. I know that there were the PINK bentos happening much earlier in the bento community but I didn’t have the luxury of time to make one. I can’t even recall if I made any nice comments on those pretty bentos. Old age is catching up with me and made worse by lack of sleep.

Anyway, here are the bentos for today!

The PINK Ribbon Bento (Mine!)

Oktoberfest Bento

Both bentos have almost the same contents. I made luncheon ham and cheese pumpernickel bagel. My first time trying out pumpernickel bagel and this was influenced by Barney, the purple dinosaur who had a song all about the different kind of breads. Its nice though I still don’t know what it meant by pumpernickel. Haha! The rest of the bagel comprises of cherry tomatoes, slices of plum, Hershey’s chocolates, some watermelon slices and baked pretzels for hubs.

Now come to the part about the decos. My pink ribbon was made from the luncheon ham. I simply twist it and held it together with a dry soba noodle. Nothing too difficult but hope it shows my support for the effort put into creating the awareness about this deadly disease. My hubs one is a more jovial bento. I made him a mug of stout from cheese and nori. Thanks to my bento friends especially Mils and Maki, I tried my hands on cutting cheese with a needle!! Yes, needle as suggested by Mils! I used the needle to cut out the froth and mug and I think its much easier than toothpick. I just need to hold it upright coz slanting the needle will break the cheese a bit. Now I have more confidence in making more designs!


2 Responses to "Themed Bento"

Pretty theme bento and thanks for reminding on the Octoberfest! Love the mug of beer you made!

makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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