1st In-Flight Bento

Posted on: October 17, 2010

I finally made my first in-flight bento!! This idea was inspired by Hapabento who had been making really scrumptious in-flight bento meals for her parting guests. I made mine for my SIL who was to board a 24 hours flight back to New York. She had requested for one before she came home to visit and I’ve also wanted to do one for her to thank her for the support she gave in my bento making hobby. She bought me the Yum Yum Bento Box – Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches by Crystal “Pikko” Watanabe  and Maki Ogawa and because I bought the same book she kindly allowed me to give it away in my first bento contest.

Obviously I pick a bento from the book to make for her and I choose to make her the cute caterpillar as featured below.

Yum Yum Bento Box’s Caterpillar

My Copy-Caterpillar!

I picked this bento because my SIL wanted to try onigiri and this also seems quite easy to make. So I followed the instructions in the book to make the onigiri and filled mine with tiny mayo burger patty. Its really easy with the use of cling film and am kinda proud with the result except my caterpillar is a little bit short. Haha!

The rest of the bento is filled with two cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, a carrot flower, half a cut out plum and a salmon cheese from Laughing Cow and some nori sheets for her to eat with the onigiri. I put all of these into a Hello Kitty Sandwich Box which I intended to as a gift for her so that she can make some bentos when she’s in the Big Apple. Please don’t mind the pictures as they were all taken with my iPhone as I don’t have my camera with me. My little girl played with my camera and erased all my pictures and now my brother is trying to recover my files for me. 😦

Hope my SIL enjoy her first home made bento! 🙂


4 Responses to "1st In-Flight Bento"

hey hey! The bento was really yummy. I finished it off while in transit in Dubai. Thanks for making me my first ever bento girl!

Hey bi, glad you like it. Hope you’ll start making some bentos for yourself too in your new place. 😀

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