“Delectable” Cupcakes Bentos

Posted on: October 11, 2010

Over the weekend my SIL bought these adorable cupcakes from this really sweet looking store, “Delectable” . She bought them to bring along with her when she visit her friend but I managed to convince her to buy for my little girl so as to “bribe” her to like my SIL. Haha!! And now the mummy and papa also get to eat. 😀 So my bentos this morning did not require any effort on my part to make it kawaii, thanks to the cupcakes! Haha!

And these bentos are my first attempt at using taco shells. I’ve never made tacos before but I’ve been supermarket shopping to stock up and saw these and thought I’ll give them a try. Instead of the usual minced meat with salsa, I made grilled pesto chicken breast. I marinated the chicken breast overnight with pesto sauce from Marks & Spencer and grilled it this morning. I covered the breast with two strips of back bacon so as the meat will not be too dry and the meat indeed stayed really juicy and the bacon were crispy! Yum Yum. I then cubed some tomatoes and added on top of the meat. I didn’t have any cheese that could be grated so I put in three little tiny Laughing Cow cheese cubes to be eaten together with the taco. Here are the bentos!

Mummy’s Baa Baa White Sheep Cuppy Cake Bento

Papa’s Girly Present Cuppy Cake Bento

Aren’t those cupcakes adorable! The little sheep is so angelic looking but one pop, it went inside my mouth and melted! Really delicious! Haha, I feel so cruel but yet I want another one! Hubs asked me what is in the pink round “box”?!?!? I said its not a box but a cupcake and he laughed and said that today’s bento is full of carb and asked if it’s my way to fatten him up so that he will not be attractive to other girls! :p

The final addition in the bentos today are some sweet sour blood navel oranges. The oranges look bruise but aren’t really bruise and do taste a bit like grapefruit but a whole lot sweeter! Bought this during our trip to Singapore and they are really expensive. But since we were on holiday so we gave it a try and feel in love with them! 😀


4 Responses to "“Delectable” Cupcakes Bentos"

So sweet! The cupcakes are so cute!! Ah.. tell him you added oranges in his bento.. so there is balance! ^_^

Wah…….. the “Delectable”cupcakes are so nice and adorable I like it but I can’t taste it because there are no outlet in Penang,your stuffed tacos also looks delicious!

Aihhh so cute lah … especially the little sheep is so adorable! Your taco looks really delicious that I wanna have a big bite of it 🙂

Wow, those cupcakes are beautiful! Wish we had them. Sweet bento pair 🙂

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