Coconut Tree

Posted on: October 1, 2010

I actually wanted to do this bento before my trip to Koh Samui with my BFFs but did not have the luxury of time. My plan was to do four sets of this bento for our trip coz we were going to the beach and to laze around under some coconut trees. So this is sort of a post event bento! Haha

In this bento, I made a sausage and mozzarella cheese omelette sandwich and decorated it with the tree. The tree is made from free-hand cut out cheese and the leaves are actually made from wasabi furikake. I also cut another darker coloured cheese as the coconuts, some still hanging on the trees and two on the ground. 😀 Also made some tulip sausages (hidden though behind the leaves picks), edamame cocktails, corn, cherry tomatoes and for treats, two pieces of Oreos!

While doing this bento, it got me thinking, will cheese be easier to cut if its chilled or if its already a bit soft at room temperature? I cut mine with a knife this time and not toothpick because I don’t have toothpicks at home and I don’t have any idea about the condition of the cheese that will be great for cutting without it breaking. Hope someone who reads my blog can educate me. 😀 Thanking you in advance for that.


16 Responses to "Coconut Tree"

Cute! I love the coconut tree!

Thanks Susan! I love your creations a lot more!

Looks very vacation-y! *sigh*

Yup it was a really great break away from all! You’ll surely love the private villas we stayed in coz they have got a private pool for your favourite splashing time! 😀

aww..what lovely memories it brings back of us sipping coconut drinks by the beach.. it was so blissful! The 2 loose coconuts somehow reminds me of our beach chair neighbour.. 😉

haha I actually forgot about our neighbour’s assets!! Now I cannot get it out of my head! Oh Noooo……….

I love beaches & coconut trees….sighh..wished I was in samui too.

I like to cut the cheese immediately after it comes out from the fridge, but I leave it in the freezer after that to harden up if I am not using it immediately. I find that the more expensive cheeses ‘melts’ less easily than the cheap ones. At room temperature (especially in Malaysia) I think it gets too humid and soft. If you have no toothpicks, you can use a clean sewing needle as well, sharper and better!

Mils, I know I can definitely count on you! I dare not try cutting the cheese with toothpick in case it fails but because my little one has been bugging me to make her a Bambi, the Disney deer, I really want to try. Thanks for your advice and I shall now brave myself to do it! 😀

so nice! i want to eat the bento!! yum yum yum yum

can can our next holiday k? 😀 you all come help out and we book the midnight flight so that we have enough time to make! haha

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wow, nice coconut tree and it is so creative…

Makes me miss the vacation I just went on! Very nicely done 🙂

I miss mine dearly too! 😦

Such a creative coconut tree! Lovely!

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