Love Eggy

Posted on: September 21, 2010

Finally, am getting a bit of the bento making spirit back or rather, the energy after the jet-lag. My fridge had also been emptied during my absence as hubs had to feed himself instead of getting hot home cooked food from my mum when I am around. Haha! So went to stock up a bit of items over the weekend and made these this morning:-



The above bentos has egg mayo in wholemeal bread cut into two heart shapes, cod fish fingers, two colours cherry tomatoes, mini mandarin, tiny grapes and a little extra treat, Hershey’s Mini Nugget Chocolate. 😀 Also decorated the bentos with lettuce leaves, carrot flowers and cheese. Overall it was a really scrumptious breakfast. I actually ate them for two meals, breakfast and lunch. 😀

Oh, was so happy with the contents I almost forgot to rave about the boxes. If you notice, these boxes are new!! Yes! Grand opening today. Mine was a gift, also from my little cuz from Japan. So sweet, right? They knew I love Hello Kitty and they bought it for me. Hubs’ was purchased from Japan Centre ( during my trip to London. It was kind of expensive at £7.99 but I don’t have something so “serious” and “manly” box for hubs, so I bought it! Haha! These boxes came with their own compartment for a pair of chopsticks too! Anyway here are the pictures of them with their lids on. Aren’t they cool?

Sweet Pink Hello Kitty Box

Seriously Macho Box


5 Responses to "Love Eggy"

Very cute HK bento box!

Hi Sheri, I think so too! Love it dearly!

Cute Charmmy Kitty box, love it! Heart shapes sammie with carrot flowers are lovely 🙂

You do the bento for you own and your hubby?

Yes. I do it for my and my hubs. Actually it started with my plan to perfect my time management so that I’ll be able to make it for my little girl when she goes to montessori next year. 😀

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