Beauty and The Ugly

Posted on: September 17, 2010

I’m home! I’m home! Yea! But but, I’ve only been gone for something more than a week and I’m feeling rusty in my bento making. I guess I’m still jet-lagging. So pardon me for the ugly bento post this morning. I made a quick BLT tortilla with some roughly cut up melon and some grapes for the vitamins and fibre. The brightest thing about this bento is the box itself! Haha! I bought it from the Disney Store at Covent Garden in London and guess how much I paid for it?!? £1.99!! Yes, its a real bargain!!! It comes with two mini separators too and that’s how I could conveniently pack my breakfast this morning. 😀 Here’s my ugly bento in a pretty box:-

The Ugly

The Beauties

Of course, I didn’t just buy one bento box during my trip. I bought another two more!! One from Japan Centre and another from Paperchase. Thanks to Mils of “Not Another Brown Bag Lunch” ( for her post on the “Where Can I Buy Bentos” (, I managed to find these heavenly places to stock up my bento collection. Haha! Will post pictures of these two other boxes next time as they are still in my luggage. 😀


4 Responses to "Beauty and The Ugly"

Such a lovely bento box! And the food inside is not ugly at all, they look yummy! 🙂

Thanks Ai Ping for your kind comment.

Yeah! Agree with ai ping, not ugly buy yummy!! Welcome back!

Hi Anna, thanks for the kind comment too! I will be jet-setting again soon but thanks for the welcome home!

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