My Last Bento…..?!?! Until my return in a weeks that’s it!

Posted on: September 7, 2010

Wow the title of my post this morning seems really long. But I like it! Haha. I actually made these bentos yesterday but did not have any time to post them. It’s been awhile since my last post coz my little girl had been unwell and I had been busy preparing for my trips! Yes, tripS! Am going to London tonight for a week, to Koh Samui end of the month for four days with my best gals, then to Singapore for a great family trip first week of October! Am kinda overwhelmed with excitement but at the same time am already missing my hubs and my little girl loads. Promised her I’ll be calling home everyday so she’ll still get to hear my voice. ‘Sob’ ‘Sob’…

Anyway, here’s the bento I made yesterday for hubs. Did not show mine coz its the same except I used my favourite Hello Kitty sauce container instead. So here, I used a new stainless steel box that my mum bought for me from Thailand. She also bought me a cute small two tier tiffin which I can’t wait to use. 😀

In the box is two mini pita bread with chicken mayo. I finally managed to find these cute mini pitas at a grocer near my house. They are cute and totally delicious. There’s also celery, mini corns, dried raisins and cranberry, few slices of oranges, grapes, cherry tomato and checkered apple. My first attempt in making checkered apple and I believe it was a success. Don’t you think so? It looks so pretty in the box. I also added some salad dressing in the Pooh Pooh sauce container. Overall, there’s not much cuteness but I love it! 😀

Oh and I had a little surprise yesterday! Look below and you’ll see why I was surprise:-

Tadaa! My little cousins went to Japan last month and they bought me new bento gears!! And a extremely sweet Hello Kitty box! I was so touched at the their thoughtfulness. I can’t wait to try them out! Thanks Eileen, Shir and Jo!

That’s all for now until my return with more bento gears from London!!!!


3 Responses to "My Last Bento…..?!?! Until my return in a weeks that’s it!"

Nice bento stuff! How fun!

Was shock when I read the first 3 words of your title! Haha…Wish you have pleasant trips!!

Thanks Ai Ping. London was great and am ready for my Koh Samui trip in two days with my BFFs.

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