HK and Vehicles Sandies

Posted on: August 31, 2010

The previous weekend, brought the kids to the bird park and last weekend we planned to bring them to fly kites. Unfortunately, by the time my brother and his family got ready to pick us up it was already very sunny. So plan scraped but we went to a nearby park, the TTDI park, laid down the mat under some trees and had a picnic instead! Of course I made the kids bento but these time did not made it to the outing theme of kite. Here they are:-

Little Eva’s

Little Keith’s

In each boxes there were mini cheddar cheese sandwiches. Eva’s sandies were cut into shapes and stamped with hello kitty images while Keith’s are cut into vehicles shape and stamped with the details. Each also had two octopus sausages, grapes, nectarine and plum.

Eva’s had a fall at the park and her cries could be heard all over the park. She’s been walking with a limp and is made worse with a bad cold and fever now. She’s really under the weather but when I asked if she wants to go to the park she said “YES”! 😀 They enjoyed the monkeys, fishes and tortoises at the park more than the “BIG” birds! haha!


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