Assembled Bento

Posted on: August 27, 2010

Just got back from a really short trip to Jakarta, Indonesia and hence am really tired. Overslept this morning but still managed to made a little bento for myself and that’s thanks to the planning the night before. πŸ˜€ The two days that I were away, I felt so lost coz I could not catch up on the bento tweets as there was no WiFi connection at the hotel. Only managed to log on during a short trip to the MOS Burger outlet and during my waiting time at the airport. Am glad to be back!

This morning is really an assembled bento with not much effort as I knew I will be too tired to do more than this. So here it is:-

The box contains fried radish cake from the night market yesterday after arriving home. This dish is made up by frying cube radish cake with beansprout, spring onions and some pickled vegetables as well as sambal belacan. Its really yummy and it is one of the stall at the night market that’ constantly has got a queue. In the same radish cake box there’s also home made egg and fish past roll. This is made by my aunt and all she does to make this dish is fry an omellete and then spread some fish paste on the it, roll them up and steam it. The fish paste is also home made. Very very yummy too! I used some lettuce leaves as the baran to separate the radish cake from the egg fish roll.

In the bottom tier of this Pooh Pooh box is the fruit layer. Had some cherry tomatoes, grapes, pineapple and guava. Could not help it but overdose the ducky picks coz the box looks kinda plain. Haha!!


6 Responses to "Assembled Bento"

How was MOS burger? Fun trip! I’ve made many tired bento before πŸ™‚

The MOS burger was really yummy! My friend tried the wagyu beef one that cost Rp 35,000! It was graded 9+ wagyu and he said it was really delicious and tender!

MOS burger and Burger King are my favorite places to have burger. I usually don’t make any bento if I’m too tired hehehe … πŸ™‚

I couldn’t resist Lia. After being away for two days I felt I was deprived! Haha Your country is hospitable and I was given a batik to wear and really like it! Will definitely come back and visit.

I love the little chicks sticks πŸ˜€
SO cute πŸ˜€

Oh yes, if I’m tired, usually I skip making bento too, but I will have hard time trying to persuade my boy to go to school without bento πŸ™‚
Love the little chicks and ducks! πŸ™‚

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