Butterfly Udon

Posted on: August 19, 2010

Bought Makito Itoh’s Just Bento Cookbook (  two days ago and love every pages of it. Actually thought that the book will be a lot thicker but it was kind of thin. Nevertheless, every page in the book was written with so much detail and I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to start making bento to purchase this. One other key reason why this book is great for beginners like me is that I love it when Maki said that the most important thing about bento is to ensure healthy eating that’s also pleasing to the eyes but not to the extend that all bento made has to have cute charaben inside. I’ve always felt a little bit intimidated posting my bentos online because I know there are a lot of better looking bentos out there. With Makiko assurance, and knowing that I’ve put my heart and soul into making every single one of them, I am proud to be posting today’s bento and many more to come even if I won’t get to be as good as other bento maestros out there! Thanks Maki!

The theme for this morning was inspired by the many other bento mummies out there whom are complaining that summer has ended. Over here in M’sia there’s always sunshine and hence I hope that making this bento will put a smile back on their faces. The main dish is the black pepper udon that I made with ingredients leftover from the steamboat dinner over the weekend. There were the mini meatballs, minced meat, red bell pepper, julienned carrots, “foo chook” (beancurd skin with some fish paste) and to add a little more colour, edamame! I forgot to put in salt but tasted it and..mmm it sure taste delicious even without the salt. I guess it’s the work of the premium soy sauce my MIL gave me. Haha!

On top of the udon, I made the a butterfly from omellette (bottom layer), cheese (2nd layer) and then red bell peppper (top layer). Used filamen stick for the rest of the body and spots. Nori was used for the eyes and lines on body and lastly dry soba as the tentacles. As usual there’s the fruity section, filled with hami-melon and grapes with flower picks. There’s also a little sunshine peeping out from behind the flower food cup! 😀


7 Responses to "Butterfly Udon"

Edible cute butterfly! I got my copy of Maki’s book too yesterday. Love the book … A lot of things that we can learn from it 🙂 You don’t need to feel intimidated by others bento. Everyone get their style and equally unique including yours. So 加油咯!

Looks delicious! I love black pepper udon..yumms..

I used to get very intimidated too by the beautiful bentos online. I love charabens, but the objective of my bentos had always been providing myself with a healthy balanced meal. Your bentos don’t actually look too bad – have you SEEN some of my fugly bentos?

However, practice makes perfect with bentos, and Lia’s right, everyone has their own unique style…and mine is probably the lazy bento style :).

Mils and Lia, thank you so much for the wise words! Am very encouraged to improve my skills but not forgetting that the real spirit of bento making is for healthy eating! Thanks for the inspiration from all your creations too!

Thank you for the butterfly smile! Its cloudy + cool here so I need all the bento sunshine I can get! Lovely! During the school year I sure won’t be making daily charaben either– healthy and balanced is most important!

Glad to have been able to make you happy! 😀

I found your blog through the What’s For Lunch Wednesday’s link. I love this butterfly, it is very cute and cheerful. Maki is smart. Bento is first about healthy and delicious food, and secondly about beauty. And even a simple noodle dish is beautiful. 🙂

Hi Sonoma, Thank you for your sweet and kind comments. Agreed with you that Maki is totally smart and cool! I love her book!

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