Boy Girl Bacon Rolls

Posted on: August 16, 2010

This morning I thought I’ve planned my bento well and will need minimal time to do but alas, as my blog name suggest, I was so clumsy at the last minute I dropped my own bento onto the floor and had loads to clean up. 😦 Hence this morning there’s no picture of my bento but only hubs.

In his bento there’s two wholemeal dinner roll toasted, buttered and filled with crunchy bacon. I also fried an omelette and made a little cap and a flower for the rolls. Made them a pair of boy and girl. To emphasize that cap one is a boy, I cut out a “B” from cheese to put on the cap! Haha As usual the facial details are from cheese and nori. Added toasted black sesame as eyelashes for the girl. Wanted to try other expression from a set of nori punchers I bought but have not had any success with them. Every time I cut the expressions will get stuck in the puncher and can’t come out. Need to consult the other bento maestros out there on how to do them correctly.

Filled the box with mini corns, a cup of edamame, cherries and grapes. In the Pooh Pooh container are some tomato sauce to fill into the rolls if hubs wanted. Didn’t put in the rolls earlier because was afraid the rolls will be soggy when he eats them.


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