Snail and Piggy

Posted on: August 9, 2010

This morning’s bento is kinda odd coz there were both a snail and piggy of almost similar size. Haha! I wanted to make the snails last week but there was only 24 hrs in a day and I needed more. 😦 So here are my bentos for this morning.

Hub’s Bento

Fierce Mummy’s Bento

Made the piggy from char siew pau with facial details from sausages, nori and cheese. The pig in mummy’s bento looks really fierce but didn’t know how it became that way. Haha! Hub’s piggy looks  so much friendlier. As for the snail, I used a chocolate swirly bun as the body and the sausages as the head. Connected the head to the body with spaghetti but seems kinda loose. Used soba as the tentacles and cheese with nori for the eyes. These two pau really made a very very filling breakfast!

Had some edamame under the snails to create the effect its on grass or eating some greens but does not seem to have achieved it that well. Also had some longans and slices of oranges. Had fun making these this morning coz got to use some new “gears” i.e. the little hat picks and the new barans all from

Oh wanted to post something not related to bento which I whipped up over the weekend and am really proud of in this post coz I don’t have any other blogs! My first attempt at Thai cuisine! Taaadaaa….

The complete dinner

The centrepiece! Mango Kerabu Deep Friend Fish!

Am proudest with the above centrepiece as it was my first attempt and it turned out really yummy! The rest of the meal comprise of basil leave chicken, omelette, water spinach, normal spinach and also seafood tom yam soup! Everything was wiped clean at the end of the meal and that made me really really happy! 😀


2 Responses to "Snail and Piggy"

Nice! Looks delish!

Giant snail! Piggy better watch out, don’t try to bully the snail hihihi … Cute! What did your hubby’s comment for his bento?

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