The Pyramid

Posted on: July 15, 2010

According to WikiAnswers, it takes 30 years to build a pyramid. I build mine in 30 mins. πŸ˜€

This morning I made my pyramid from dumpling and nori. The dumpling is home-made by an aunt of my hubs and its simply delicious. Its actually a symbolic food for some historical event in China but am not really sure of the real story. Only know that it’s an event celebrated every 5th month of the Lunar Calendar. Aiyah, so embarrassing. πŸ˜› One thing for sure is that I love the time of the year when these dumplings are in abundance. It’s made of glutinous rice, shaped into a pyramid and wrapped with bamboo leaves. The fillings are different depending on the different Chinese region. My favourite are the ones with pork, salted egg yolk, beans, mushroom and chestnut. And this is what I had!

Was fortunate had got this box that has a bit of space at the top when closed so that the dome of my pyramid will not be squashed! The box is actually a free gift from purchasing vitamins for my little girl. Haha! The rest of the bento are made up of slices of green apples with persimmons, prunes, alfafa and sweet corn.

My pyramid didn’t last as an iconic structure as its all in my tummy now. Yum Yum!!


1 Response to "The Pyramid"

Great job Xelia! Pretty color combination on the right … Love this dumpling, my mom used to make this every year but now is so convenience, we ended up buying from the shop πŸ˜€

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