Record Breaking Bentos

Posted on: July 13, 2010

Don’t know what super power came to me this morning but I managed to make 3 bentos!!!! One for myself, one of hubs and another for my sis. Have not made any for the little one yet coz she has her brekkie at her “Por Por” a.k.a. grandmama’s house. Anyway was amazed that I could make three bentos at one go. Of course I would have to thank my maid for helping out with the cleaning after as well and she had some fun too cutting out the cucumber clouds that I used to as eyes on the bagels. Here are my creation this morning.

Putting it up like this looks like a three tier cake! Haha. Anyway the contents of the bentos from bottom up:-

This was made for my sis’s lunch today. There’s the yummy spicy “mee goreng” with a few bits of edamame and three little carrot stars for colours. There’s three little teriyaki sesame drumlets for protein. And there’s a colourful array of fruits comprising mango, blueberries, cherries, tomatoes and red dragon fruits. Am sure she’ll be really stuffed and sleepy this afternoon. 😀

Next is the bento made for hubs. He’s been a good boy these days taking my bentos to work , and that’s after I gave him the silent treatment for two whole days since he made a hurtful remark on my rainbow bento. And I also got a little Olympus compact camera from him and had been using it to take my bento pictures. Silence treatment worked wonders but don’t really want to use it again. 😉

Hub’s bento consist of a PB cream cheese with alfafa sprouts bagel. Used cheese for the smiley and two cloud cucumbers as eyes. Remembered reading Susan Yuen’s ( tip in the Week 5 Bento Summer School post to put a little PB to stick the cucumbers to the bagel and it worked!! Though the World Cup is over, but Paul the Octopus is flooding Facebook posts and all. So here I am joining the crowd by making hubs two little sausage octopus together with a little octopus pick! Haha The rest of the bento consist of the blueberries, cherries and tomatoes. And also three little pretzels for snacks. 😀

My bento is slightly simpler. I had the same bagel and fruits as hubs. Also had two little pretzel snack. The only thing I didn’t have are the octopus sausages. Actually I made myself some crab sausages but I guess I boiled it too long and it looks kinda ugly so my maid ate it all since she loves the sausages. Also I think it’s time for me to get some of those baking papers or the kawaii looking ones to line my sandwich box. Have gotta wait for month end and see if there’s any good news on career advancement from the Company and if yes, he he can go bento shopping crazy!!!!

Here’s all three bentos together! Tadaaa!!!!


3 Responses to "Record Breaking Bentos"

:o) I love it! My husband has the choice between bento or make your own food. ;o) Bento wins.

Dragonfruits look SO cool! Great job!

Cool! Well done … All looks yummy 🙂

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