Mousey Blanket

Posted on: July 9, 2010

I had wanted to make bouquet wrapped mouse and intended to put today’s post title as Peekaboo Mouse but failed to make it the way I wanted. 😦 But I guess there’s always the first failure so as to ensure you’ll learn the mistake and succeed the next time. Wish me luck!

Anyway, I bought some frozen naan (a kind of Indian leavened oven-baked flatbread bread). I love the garlic butter naan that we get from the mamak store especially when it’s still piping hot. Your breath will smell for awhile after but it’s all worth it! So I popped the two pieces of the naan and some leftover nuggets from McD into the oven and started preparing on the rest. One of the naan was soft out of the oven and was the one I used in this two breakfast bento this morning but the other piece was kinda hard so I left it in the oven. Fortunately the one soft piece was enough for the creation this morning.

So there I have naan-wrapped peekaboo mouse. I had some cucumber skins and strips of carrot tied around it and the ears were made from kamaboko. As advised by all the pro bento bloggers out there I used spaghetti strip to put in the ears but it was not easy because the nuggets were also a tad bit hard and crispy. Sigh…The eyes are from cheese and nori.Oh I made kamaboko ribbons too coz originally it was to be used for “bouquet” look but instead now its a “blanket” look!

This morning fruit portions has got cherries, blueberries, pineapple (for me), jackfruit (for hubs) and persimmon on a bed of alfafa sprouts. Here in Malaysia, the price of cherries and blueberries are really steep. Managed to get the blueberries at RM 10 from the night market compared to RM 15 from the supermarket. Had been contemplating in getting them from my bento for a while now and finally could not resist since its RM 5 cheaper! Haha..

Okay here are the bentos this morning.


Hubs! (with love carrot)


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