My earlier brekkie bentos (4)

Posted on: July 1, 2010

It’s my lunch hour now and since had a very filling breakfast am going to use this time to load the rest of the bentos that I’ve made earlier. The first one is made with some multi-grain crackers which my MIL took from a buffet counter during our dinner. Haha! It’s really yummy and the good thing is it fit nicely into the Pooh Pooh two tier bento box which I bought from HK Disneyland last year. I made a little gingerbread man to put on top and he has a heart made from nori. Had loads of fun punching out nori from the little punchers I bought from Daiso. So there’s the four little tulip at the bottom of his feet. Didn’t have any facial puncher so if you look closely at the his eyes, one is bigger because I crumpled up a small nori to match the other small one. Haha! The fruit tier is really yummy coz of the sweet sweet persimmons, kiwi and oranges and the dried raisin in the fruit cup really complement the cheese and cracker very well!

This two brekkie were inspired by Susan Yuen ( She’s a really cool bento master and she has written two bento books which I’m dying to get my hands on!

Both bentos were made up of the same thing except that they had different decos. The top is certainly for hubs with a sail boat made of cheese. And the bottom is a musical Hello Kitty. Somehow my Kitty don’t really look like the real Hello Kitty and my colleague said its probably because the eyes are too near each other. Hmm…Shall try to put them further apart next time and see if it’s true. 😀 The bentos are filled up with grapes and oranges. Oh and if you wonder, I didn’t have to cut the bread into rounds because I accidentally stumbled upon a stone oven bakery that made these really gorgeous log bread! Saved me some time!

This next bento was made in split seconds if I may say so. Coz it was just assembly time needed! Haha! Bought this really kawaii sugar laden yummy doughnuts from Big Apple for as desserts for my guests the night before and there were some left over. Yes, these are doughnuts! They are known as Donashi! So here it goes into my breakfast bento. I also had really sour sour sour raspberries (Which I didn’t eat at the end but made it into juice the end of the day), jackfruits as well as Korean pear. Satisfying!!!


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