Kitty Waffle

Posted on: June 17, 2010

This morning I only had to make one brekkie bento for myself as hubs had training at the office where they serve them 4 meals during the day. But still I took awhile to make the above bento. Used the Hello Kitty Sandwich Box that I just bought from Love the service from this site as my orders were delivered to me less than 24 hours!!! Will definitely purchase more from this site because they do have a lot of variety and I got a free gift from Carmen who runs the site as I’m a returning customer.

Okay this morning’s meal is made out of wheat flour waffle. It was kind of difficult to cut out the kitty face with the kitty cutter as I toasted the waffle first before cutting. The waffle was already cripsy from the toaster and hence cutting it created loads of crumbs on the kitchen counter top. Next time I’ll be smarter and cut it before toasting. The kitty face don’t really look like the sauce container Hello Kitty (has got really tasty yummy manuka honey inside) coz I believe the eyes should be further away.

For the fibre portion of the bento I had two cherry vine tomatoes, green apples, some grapes and three tiny orange slices. Also had a little box of raisin under the kitty sauce container.

All in all again I think practice makes perfect and also I think I really need to start planning my bento earlier i.e. as advised by all other professional bento maker out there, draw it out if possible and you’ll save a lot of time. Next am planning to make a bento to promote a girlfriend’s site that sells really great looking custom made jewellery from beads and swarovski crystals. Till then, happy bento-ing!


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