My earlier brekkie bentos (1)

Posted on: June 15, 2010

My very first brekkie bento was made probably about a month ago. Actually bought all my tools for quite a while and tried out mostly the egg moulds but didn’t really make a real bento. Anyway, made my first and looking back at the progress after that, hmmm..I have to say “not bad’! 😀 The items are quite simple because menu for breakfast seems quite limited and till now I’m facing some challenges in coming up with new breakfast bento..(hence the one or two bentos a week instead of 4 a week when I first started!).

The first bento has small cut out PBJ sandwiches. The shapes are heart and cat. Didn’t have the time to do any facial expression on the cat hence, they don’t really look like cats. Have got mangoes, grapes and kiwi to add colours and little cococrunch cereals and three little strawberry filled fish biscuits from Meiji (my daughter loves this! Especially the chocolated filled ones). The cococrunch cereals got a bit soggy by the time I ate them in office (about 2 hours after). Believe it could be because I put them next to the sandie though seperated by the cute baran. Am still thinking how I can keep them crunchy if I wish to pack them again next time.


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