My first clumsy entry

Posted on: June 10, 2010

This would be my first blog post and am planning to have more post as time goes coz it’ll then be evidence of continued development in my bento making. It is also my love for all the cute, beautiful, wacky and really cool looking bento that got me to learn about wordpress. Am still new to this and hope I shall be able to master more about blogging and of course my bento making. Am putting up the picture of today’s breakfast bento that I made for both hubby and I. Have actually been doing breakfast bento instead of the usual lunch bento because I still love having lunch with colleagues at work and also the chance to leave the cold cold office. So breakfast bento it is for now.

The above is made for hubby. It consists of tortilla with ham, cheese, tomato sauce, mayo rolled and toasted. On the side in the flower cookie cutter is half a tomato and some mango on the outside. Bought this little pretzels from Cold Storage coz am trying to make healthy brekkie and so here goes into the box for hubby. Actually hubby is not very supportive of my bento making because I wake up really early (this morning at 530am!!!) just to make them. Also his friends had been laughing at him looking at the post in facebook that I made of this brekkie and he’s embarassed about it. This actually really hurt and I did cry a little this morning when he seems reluctant to have the bento. But then he did apologize for not being sensitive.  Anyway, am not going to let this stop me from bento-ing!

Below is mine. The stuff are usually the same. But I tend to spend more time on hubby’s bento than my own (that’s why it hurt so much when he don’t want them!! *sob**sob*).

Oh, the tulip flowers are made from kamaboko and the stalk are from nori. I’ve addition of two slices of oranges coz there were more space :). Overall this is tasty but a little bit salty. Next time I’ll skip the butter on the tortilla. The little pretzels were great and shall let my little girl have it for snack next time instead of biscuits.

That’s all for my first post. Shall upload the rest of my breakfast bento in my next post.


2 Responses to "My first clumsy entry"

Your first bento is so much better compare to mine! 🙂

Thanks! I think its better looking than my recent ones too! Haha!

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